NaNoWriMo Day 16: Double Green

To the music by The Who: "I am a NaNo Wizard, I've got to have a plot twist!"

To the music by The Who: “I am a NaNo Wizard, I’ve got to have a plot twist!”

Hiya everyone! It’s Sunday evening and we’re past the halfway point with this thing we call NaNoWriMo 2014. Personally, I’m proud to have made it this far, as that means I’m pretty likely to make it all the way to 50,000 words. I’m hoping that this week I can keep staying ahead in the word count so that when Thursday rolls around, I won’t have three days worth to make up over the weekend. But I know that I can do it if need be, so no worries.

Today’s Word Count: 2,125

Word Count to Date: 27,519

Writing Time Today: 2.25 hours

Current Feeling: Relaxed.

Motivation/Inspiration: Knowing I was ahead of the game when I started writing today, and wanting to stay ahead. Oh, and knowing that my reward for reaching 25,000 yesterday, “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” is sitting on the shelf waiting for me to open it and throw it in the Blu-ray player. You’re not wrong if you’re sensing a theme here. :)

Biggest Triumph: Finally getting to the scene I thought I was going to write four scenes ago.

Biggest Setback: Kitty interruptus once again, although today I managed to keep her feet from the keyboard. If she’s the worst setback I have the rest of NaNo, I’ll be a happy camper.

Insights: I figured out today the way I think I’m going to go with my post-NaNo writing strategy. It requires some online shopping and maybe a trip to a teacher supplies store, but I feel good about it. Next step is to write it all out so it’s down on paper; that way I’ll have a harder time ignoring it.

Well, that’s all for me. Wow, I still have plenty of evening left to spend it snuggling on the couch with my pussycat. Not a bad way to end a day of writing!

NaNoWriMo Day 15: Green

The late Heath Ledger as William in "A Knight's Tale"

The late Heath Ledger as William in “A Knight’s Tale”

Happy Saturday, Wrimos! I hope many if not all of you got your goals accomplished today. Myself, I did great. Yep, guess who’s caught up her word count and is even a teeny bit head for tomorrow? ME. That means I’m back in the green.

*breathes a huge sigh of relief*

It feels good to know that I am caught up, that the writing went really smoothly and there were no moments of “okay I have no idea what comes next.” What’s next for me post-writing is most likely a viewing of “A Knight’s Tale” starring the late Heath Ledger. That’s what happens when you’ve just written a jousting scene and you have snippets of the Battle of Rouen skimming through your brain. Go ahead, I dare you. Write a scene about a joust and tell me that you have no desire to watch that movie afterward. :)

Today’s Word Count: 3,075

Word Count to Date: 25,394

Writing Time Today: 3.75 hours

Current Feeling: Relief!

Motivation: Hitting that 25,000 mark right on schedule (and that’s sched-ule with an English accent) as I was supposed to and knowing there’s that much less pressure tomorrow when it’s time to write after a fun-filled day of hanging out with my bestie M celebrating her birthday.

Inspiration: Having a good day in ceramics class, and also having a lunch consisting of a wonderfully tasty burger and piping hot and crispy french fries. These things set the right mood for my writing sessions today.

Biggest Triumph: See aforementioned word count.

Biggest Setback: A kitty who had a tendency to want to walk across my lapdesk in between my keyboard and me, causing me to write a few things like 000000000000000000 now and again. *chuckle* She’s now curled up besides me, as I had since figured out all that attention meant “feed me!”

Insights: I’m still having a little trouble getting to the point as far as moving the story along. It’s taking me three scenes instead of one to get to the plot point I thought I was going to write. For a competition like NaNo, this isn’t all bad, as hello! word count. Later on though, it might bite me in the butt during the editing process. When’s NaNoEdMo again, if there is even such a thing? *smile*

That’s it for me, lords and ladies. I’ll catch you tomorrow after some much needed sleep and a day of fun.

NaNoWriMo Day 14: Keen

The Day of Writing Furiously

The Day of Writing Furiously

Happy weekend, Wrimos! Now’s our chance to either catch up or to surge ahead. I had two writing sessions tonight in my effort to get my word count back where it should be, a longer one before and quick one after the administration of fluids to my elderly kitty. Ah the joys of a fur baby!

Today’s Word Count: 2,100

Word Count to Date: 22,321

Writing Time Today: 2.5 hours or so

Current Feeling: Accomplished

Motivation: Catching up to that pesky number in the square marked “14″ on my NaNoWriMo word count calendar. It’s been taunting me all day at work and into tonight from its place as my desktop wallpaper.

Inspiration: Discovering I’d written myself into a great spot to introduce another of my secondary characters. She’s going to factor into things later on, and so far, I’m not sure who’s side she’s on, her own or my characters’.

Biggest Triumph: Keeping going although I really wanted to watch the movie that came in the mail from Netflix.

Biggest Setback: Getting a late-ish start on writing because I took advantage of the sale at Old Navy. Seriously though, is that a setback or another triumph? Ha.

Insights: As I typed this post, I belatedly realized I absently named two of my supporting characters after two fellow Wrimos, one new and one not-so-new (I met him last year): Kate (although in my story she spells her full name with a “C”), and T.J. Both are good with a sword, but T.J.’s the one who got wounded in his semi-finals match during the battle of the knights to see who would be named champion, and that led to the face-to-face meeting hero and heroine. See, we really do put people know into our novels! :)

Have a great weekend, all, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, even if it’s not sitting at home with fingers flying across a keyboard.

NaNoWriMo Day 13: Sorta Mean

Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod in "Highlander"

Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod in “Highlander”

Well, it seems as though this year Tuesdays and Wednesdays are going to put a kink in my plans to hit that 50,000 word goal of NaNoWriMo. For the second week in a row, I’ve had two consecutive days without writing and I’m Catch Up Girl once more. Today I did manage to get to a bit over 20,000 and I’m happy about that.

Today’s Word Count: 2,148

Word Count to Date: 20,221

Writing Time Today: 2.5 hours

Current Feeling: Satisfied I didn’t give up and go home.

Motivation: Listening to Queen’s album “A Kind of Magic,” which is the unofficial soundtrack to my favorite movie about a different kind of immortal, “Highlander.”

Inspiration: Getting done so I can go home where it’s warm and hug my cat!

Biggest Triumph: Keeping at it so I could get another day’s word count under my belt (so to speak).

Biggest Setback: Now that the weather’s shifted and that arctic blast blew through Texas, it’s flipping FREEZING in my office at work, and it’s not the comfortable space it was just a week ago. Had to dig out the fingerless mittens so my hands would work.

Insights: Being behind in my word count doesn’t stress me out as much as it used to. Of course I say that now. We’ll see how I feel about it the closer it gets to the end of the month…

Until tomorrow, my fellow Wrimos!

NaNoWriMo Day 10: Ahead Again

"Don't get it right, get it written."

“Don’t get it right, get it written.”

Hi everyone! As you’ve probably suspected by now, I took the rest of the day off from writing on Sunday after hitting my goal early in the day. This proved fortuitous, as not only did I spend the rest of the day doing every bit of laundry that had been needing to be done for longer than I like to consider, but I also did a bit of cleaning I’d been putting off. So yesterday was successful in more ways than one, and that’s pretty awesome.

Today’s Word Count: 2,172 (and I only needed 769 to be caught up)

Word Count to Date: 18,073 (only 264 words away from Tuesday’s target)

Writing Time Today: 3 hours

Current Feeling: Pleased with my progress, and ready for bed!

Motivation: Seeing Nora Roberts’ newest book on the stands while shopping today, and declaring it to be my reward when I win NaNoWriMo 2014, and not before.

Inspiration: My new “NaNoWriMo Wizard” wrist band (aka a starry “Halo for my wrist”) that I got as part of my NaNo Swag from my donation that will keep me motivated long after November 30.

Biggest Triumph: Keeping going until today’s scene was done and not stopping a) when I reached the 769 words to be caught up or b) when I hit the recommended daily word count of 1,667. The first few minutes were a struggle as well as I initially couldn’t find a good way to start today’s scene. Once I figured it out, my fingers flew across the keyboard.

Biggest Setback: Same one as yesterday–my 16-year-old tuxedo cat who kept hopping up on the couch next to me and tempting me with her absolute cuteness that is physically impossible to ignore. Petting and kitty-talk and snuggles ensued.

Insights: I’m still ruminating on ideas for how to set up a schedule or plan or what have you after NaNo. I have a feeling some sort of bargain with myself might be in order, such as “if you reach 31,ooo by December 31, you may buy ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 1 Blu-ray as a reward” and continuing on each month thereafter with a movie or book that is a must-have item.

Hope all you fellow Wrimos out there met your goals for today, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Slainté!

NaNoWriMo Day 9: Mighty Fine

Happy MinionsGood morning, Wrimos! It’s been a productive day so far at home. The sun is out, the air is cool, and it’s a gorgeous Sunday so the blinds are open and the natural light is streaming. I slept in a little, despite Molly’s hollering for me to get up at 7 AM, and didn’t even consider not writing this morning, which is quite the accomplishment. To top it off, I blasted past today’s intended word count target without realizing it, and have made a dent into tomorrow’s as well. Woo hoo!

Today’s Word Count: 1,706

Word Count to Date: 15,901

Writing Time Today: 2 hours

Current Feeling: Happy and warm, thanks to meeting today’s goal so early and a green/red plaid microfiber blanket. Minion dance!

Motivation: Seeing how much I could get done for my morning session.

Inspiration: As usual, my playlist and the story. Oh, and the prospect of having 100 followers on my blog! (I’m at 96, soooo close.)

Biggest Triumph: Meeting the goal this morning so that if I decide to take the rest of the day off, I’ll still be ahead of the game.

Biggest Setback: Technically she’s a distraction, but my cat Molly does have a way of interrupting the writing flow with her absolute cuteness and huge purr. I like those kinds of “setbacks.”

Insights: I realized today that I likely won’t finish my entire novel in 50,000 words, which was my second goal for NaNoWriMo this year. I’m actually okay with that. What I have decided to do instead is on December 1 to keep pushing forward and work out some sort of plan to keep writing this story until it’s DONE. There may be rewards, there may be penalties, we’ll just have to see. Once I figure it out, I’ll post it here so you can marvel at my brilliance and join me.

That’s all for now. I think there’s at least one more writing session in me, so I’ll catch you guys later. Happy writing!

NaNoWriMo Day 8: Lightweight

snoopyandthetardisWell, today was a bit of good and bad. Good, because I was able to write and it went pretty smoothly, but bad because my work setup is experiencing technical difficulties and thus won’t be usable for Sunday’s writing. That means that I’ll either be at home with its inherent distractions, or by myself at a library or other location. I’m not sure which way it’ll be just yet, but I’m leaning toward home. That means I can stay in my jammies to write, and I can write as long as I want without accounting for travel time. I’ll also have feline companionship, and let’s face it, that’s a pretty good perk.

Today’s Word Count: 2,313

Word Count to Date: 14,195

Writing Time Today: 3.5 hours

Current Feeling: Combination satistied and worried. Satisfied, because I’m keeping up with the word count, but worried because of the computer problems that threw a wrench into my plans.

Motivation: Seeing where the characters take me.

Inspiration: As usual, my playlist and the story itself.

Biggest Triumph: Exceeding the minimum word count another day.

Biggest Setback: See above computer issue, as those things always throw me for a loop and now I’ve got to change strategies.

Insights: I don’t seem to be able to just get right to the point of my stories. I can sketching out a plot fine, but when I write, other stuff ends up on the page than what I anticipated. Today for example, my main characters were supposed to meet. Alas, that didn’t happen and won’t until tomorrow (I hope). I don’t know if this is because the earlier scenes changed the speed, or if I’m too stuck in other stuff (setting up things, peripheral action, something else) to move things along.

That’s it for this Saturday, November 8. I’m headed home to my cat, a movie and some sleep.