Rolls of the Writer’s Block Dice

My best friend and I occasionally use “writers block dice” to help kick start our brains during our writing work sessions.

— The red HERO die tells you who is your protagonist. It can be a male or female adult, a male or female child, a non-human or an anti-hero of either gender.
— The green GENRE die provides the type of story/scene to tell: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror, romance or straight literary fiction.
— The blue PLOT die directs the narrative for your Hero, be it an escape, a quest, a rival, redemption, revenge, or protection.
— The orange PLOT TWIST die adds a complication of death, a new character, a trap, illusion, betrayal or a dead end.

Keana’s Choice
posted 29 May 2014

posted 3 June 2014

Jack, aka Jayne Cobb (Adam Baldwin) from “Firefly”
The Journal
posted 6 June 2014

On the Run
posted 10 June 2014

John and Anna, aka Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) from “Burn Notice”
A Brother’s Betrayal
posted 31 July 2014

Cliff, aka Clay Danvers (Greyston Holt) from “Bitten”