The Curse of Camelot Playlist

Here is the music that is the backdrop to my novel, working title “The Curse of Camlann.” If you need a refresher on the story, click here.) This playlist turned out to be very eclectic. I’ve listed the mix in an order that makes sense to me, and the choices were made based on various topics: immortality, resurrection, finding love, magic, the supernatural, death, living life, hope and even one movie score track from a fencing scene because my heroine is a fencing instructor. If you want to listen for yourself, you can find the playlist via Apple Music by clicking this link (they require you to have a subscription though, the meanies). I usually let it run on shuffle on my iPhone. Enjoy!


Cursed Warrior Mix

  1. (Don’t Fear) the Reaper ~ Blue Öyster Cult
  2. Always on the Run ~ Lenny Kravitz
  3. Barely Breathing ~ Duncan Sheik
  4. Bound to You ~ Christina Aguilera, from Burlesque
  5. Carry On My Wayward Son ~ Kansas [Supernatural theme song]
  6. Come What May ~ David Baerwald and Kevin Gilbert, from Moulin Rouge! 
  7. The Fencing Lesson ~ James Horner, from The Mask of Zorro
  8. Heaven ~ Bryan Adams
  9. Hotel California ~ The Eagles
  10. I Will Not Go Quietly ~ Don Henley
  11. In a Lifetime ~ Clannad and Bono/The Celtic Circle [Disc II]
  12. Keep Holding On ~ Avril Lavigne [Eragon theme song]
  13. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ~ Eric Clapton
  14. Live and Let Die ~ Paul McCartney and Wings [Bond film theme song]
  15. Live Like You Were Dying ~ Tim McGraw
  16. Lonely No More ~ Rob Thomas
  17. Long, Long Way from Home ~ Foreigner
  18. Magic ~ Bruce Springsteen
  19. Need You Now ~ Lady Antebellum
  20. Never Too Late ~ Three Days Grace
  21. The Pretender ~ Foo Fighters
  22. Remember Me ~ Journey, from Armageddon
  23. Road to Heaven ~ Five for Fighting
  24. Seal Our Fate ~ Gloria Estefan
  25. Who Are You? ~ The Who
  26. Who Wants to Live Forever ~ Dune/The Celtic Circle [Disc II]
  27. You’re the One ~ Carly Simon
  28. Wanted Dead or Alive and I’d Die For You ~ Bon Jovi
  29. Everything and Hold On ~ Michael Bublé
  30. My Sacrifice and Never Die ~ Creed
  31. Good Love Is On the Way (Live in LA version) and Perfectly Lonely ~ John Mayer
  32. Always Remember and It’s About You ~ Train
  33. Citizen/Soldier, Ticket to Heaven and It’s Not My Time ~ 3 Doors Down
  34. Bring Me to LifeMy Immortal and My Last Breath ~ Evanescence
  35. Moments to Live, Redemption and This is Your Life ~ Switchfoot
  36. Break the Spell, Rescue Me, Supernatural and Wanted Dead or Alive ~ Daughtry
  37. Because You Loved Me, Immortality, The Power of Love and Taking Chances ~ Céline Dion
  38. A Kind of Magic ~ Queen album [unofficial Highlander soundtrack]
  39. The Crow ~ Graeme Revell official motion picture score album

[73 songs, runtime: 306 minutes]

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