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Books have always been Nikki’s best friends, and as early as age three, she’d already started creating stories in her head. Over the years she’d find herself writing a little bit on this story, a little bit on this other story, but never finishing anything.

Sound familiar?

It took a few years of stopping and starting on various projects (such as an eight-book series where the stories to be interwoven in with those of the characters from a completely separate nine-book series, all of them from the same fictional Texas town) and a visit with her aunt to clarify a better path. So she filed away everything she’d started in a “save for later” directory on her computer. Then she followed the advice from a how-to article and took an event in her own life and asked, “What if…?”

That question became the basis for “The Great Boyfriend Experiment” novel she classifies as “chick lit” and has been working on since 2006. “Shifters,” her second work in progress, began as her NaNoWriMo 2013 assignment, and is a paranormal fantasy novel about shape-shifters, but is currently back-burnered. Her latest work-in-progress, another offering from NaNoWriMo 2014, is a fantasy about a knight of King Arthur’s court who was cursed by Morgan Le Fey, and 1500 years later, he’s still searching for a way to break his curse and truly live. She swears she’ll get back to those other stories, and hopes to finish at least one of them someday.

Nikki currently lives in Texas with her cat Molly, a Bullitt Mustang named Finnegan, and a close circle of writer friends who keep her inspired.


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  1. Thanks, Terry. Good to meet you too while inventing Story Friday insanity. :) Good luck for you too, if you’re participating!

  2. Today’s the big day, have you already started your story? Keep me up to date on how things are going, I may follow in your footsteps next year for NaNo.

  3. I am about to start writing…if only my external hard drive would disconnect so I can move to the comfortable chair! You can track my progress here, or at my official profile on the NaNoWriMo site. This is my second year and I accomplished what I set out to do then, and I’m hoping to do the same again this year. Thanks for all the support! ~Nikki

  4. Thanks – I just saw your post. It’ll give me something to post this month, seeing as how my writing plan has not worked out quite like I thought…

  5. That’s why I like the blog awards. It’s a good way to connect with people AND it gives you easy content when you’re running low on inspiration.

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