nik’s future projects

My current project is only the latest in a long line of novels I want to write (or have started writing bits and pieces of over the years). I hope to finish them all someday. A few are just a title on a page; others have chapters or scenes filed away for later, others still aren’t much more than character profiles or outlines. I’ve even gone so far to create a map of a fictional city using Visio–it’s a pain to try and print that thing, let me tell you, but it was worth it to see the city all laid out and ready for its characters.

I’ve jotted down the list below, both for inspirational purposes (so that am reminded of how much I like the ideas behind these stories) and for reference. Links are included to any pages on this site where you can find more more information.

Cross your fingers that all of them will make it to print…or if not published at least written! They’re in order of idea conception and all are contemporary romances, unless otherwise noted.

  • Series 1: The Cousins of Kilcavan
    • interconnected 8-book series
    • features the four MacLaren boys and their cousins, the four Kavanagh boys
    • set in the fictional Kilcavan City, TX
  • Series 2: The Grant Siblings
    • 2-book series set in Austin, TX
  • Series 3: Clan Kitteridge
    • interconnected 9-book series, further interconnected with Series 1
    • features the five Kitteridge boys and their four sisters
    • set in the fictional Kilcavan City, TX of Series 1
  • Series 4: Hayward Quintet
    • interconnected 5-book series
    • features the blended Hayward family of four boys and their baby sister
    • set in the cities of Austin and Fredericksburg, TX
  • Series 5: Midnight Child Trilogy 
    • 3-book fantasy series
    • based loosely on the legend of Excalibur
    • set in an as-yet-unnamed fictional world
  • Series 6: United Celestial Territories
    • 5-book scifi series set in outer space of a fictional future
  • Series 7: Flathead Valley
    • 2-book series: The Great Boyfriend Experiment and its sequel, The Seven Year Glitch, which features two secondary characters from book 1
    • set in the cities of Kalispell and Bigfork, MT
  • The Aurelius Heir (f.k.a. Shifters)
    • fantasy with shapeshifters and massacres and a prophecy
    • set in the fictional world of Myria (mahy ree ah)
  • The Curse of Camlann 
    • fantasy based on the legend of the Knights of the Round Table of Camelot
    • set in Kalispell, MT and the U.K.
  • Frankie’s Homecoming
    • set in Kilcavan City, TX; connects back to Series 3

last updated 13 October 2017