nik’s future projects

As I mentioned on the Novels page, I’ve made a major change in the future of my writing career. At the Writers League of Texas conference this summer, I made the decision to focus on one genre rather than flip-flopping back and forth between multiple ones. So, I’m now officially a science fiction/fantasy writer!

Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll never write romances ever again. I have too many of them to completely give up on them. But for now, those ladies and gentlemen in those series will have to fade into the background for a while. So, the list below has been updated to reflect only the new genre future titles.

Cross your fingers that all of them will make it to print…or if not published at least written! They’re in order of idea conception.

  • Series 5: Midnight Child Trilogy 
    • 3-book fantasy series
    • set in an as-yet-unnamed fictional world currently being built
  • Series 6: United Celestial Territories
    • 5-book scifi series set in outer space of a fictional future
  • The Aurelius Heir (f.k.a. Shifters)
    • fantasy with shapeshifters, massacres and a prophecy
    • set in the fictional world of Myria (mahy ree ah)
  • The Curse of Camlann 
    • fantasy based on the legend of the Knights of the Round Table of Camelot
    • set in Kalispell, MT and the U.K.

More coming soon!

last updated 31 October 2019