The Curse of Camelot: Rowena’s Counterspell


Rowena Vaughan, descendant of Rhianwen Cynwrig whose blade, blood and wish called for the original curse, kneels before a prone Reese under a clear night sky with a blood moon shining and a comet streaking overhead. Nine fat white candles with steady flames encircle them. She slices her hand with the dagger she holds and tosses the spell’s ingredients into the flame of the candle before her. Her heart is in her throat, her voice is cracking as she chants:

With fiery Comet overhead,
beneath this Moon full and red,
a curse of eternal life repelled;
with free will I speak this Spell.

Oh, hear my plea and do not deny
this call made on Earth and Sky.
Moon, Comet and Blade once more be three;
I beg thee now, set him free!

Entwined and deeply within my heart
be Love and Faith, equal parts;
by blooded blade in descendant’s hand,
break this curse, ‘tis my command.

Thrice for me, and thrice twice for he
this spell’s bound; so mote it be!

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