The Aurelius Heir (fka Shifters)


gallery_KaiaMeet Kaia Kyncaid: daughter, swordswoman, shapeshifter. Her animal form is a white wolf, a rarity in her world; she is the first in centuries and only the fourth ever born. More importantly, she is the child of a mixed species mating who survived her first transformation despite many children before her not being so fortunate.

Kaia paces as she waits to hear the fate of a close friend whose return from her own coming-of-age rite is imminent. Twenty-year-old Brenna is also a mixed species child, so Kaia’s curiosity to learn her friend’s animal form is shadowed by her anxiety regarding her friend’s survival. Waiting with her with much less worry is Brenna’s older brother, FitzWilliam “Fitz” Ballantyne.

Too soon Kaia’s world will be turned upside down and she’ll have to face her destiny. She’ll take Fitz with her on the journey, despite her best friend’s reputation as a scoundrel. In addition to being her sparring partner and a fierce gray wolf, Kaia knows he will always stand with her when trouble comes.

One such trouble is a dangerous and charismatic man who struggles with his own dark destiny, one centered around his obsession with a woman he has never met — a child of prophecy, the Aurelius heir — the one who has within her the spirits of two animal forms, and will be his greatest ally or his ultimate undoing…


Start date: 1 November 2013
Date NaNoWriMo won: 29 Nov 2013
Word count to date: 
project currently on hold.


Project ~ Aurelius Heir — the novel’s inspiration board