A Day In Review

Well, it’s been a rough couple of days for me as I’ve been home battling what appears to be some form of stomach flu or bug or something that’s just darn nasty. So far, Saturday’s been good, and I took advantage by catching up on what I’m going to call “prep work” for November.

As the title suggests, today’s been about review. Having just re-read the 360-odd pages of GBE that’s my current project for November a little while ago, I was curious about the other works sitting in my filing cabinet. So I dug out the folders, first the ones on the series for the eight cousins who were my first works-in-progress. (Yes, you read that correctly. I attempted to start my writing career with an obscenely complicated book series of eight interwoven stories. You can thank Valerie for suggesting perhaps I start with something a little bit simpler so I could stick with one project at a time.) I flipped through the characters for another series, and paused to consider that a fantasy series might be quite interesting reworked as paranormals. Then I fired up Rommie (my laptop) and read through the book that’ll probably be Project #2 (and book 1/2 in a series).

It was interesting to see the progression of my writing from the first book started to the one worked on just prior to GBE. It was also gratifying to note that the stories didn’t sound outdated or boring (IMHO). Once I finish GBE–see, positive thinking–it will be interesting to see how those books will change and evolve along with their characters.

Now, if I could just get my act together and start revising Chapter 32…


Monday, Monday

Hi, all.

Well, I’m still a few weeks away from NaNoWriMo, and I’m definitely getting in the mood to write. However, the stress of my job has been sidelining me a bit over the last week–this tension headache of mine just won’t go away despite my taking ibuprofen–so I’m doing things in fits and starts. I’ve managed to:

    1) read over the chapters already written to see what frame of mind my characters are in to determine what interesting things, romantically speaking, will happen as they jet to California;
    2) finally finish fixing the forms and macros in my books database (cursing Access the whole time) that’s been busted for a month and a half, thus keeping me from updating my records;
    3) update said database with the books that have been teetering in stacked towers on top of my short office bookcase as they wait to be added;
    4) watch the Season Five premiere of Supernatural in real-time because I just couldn’t wait to watch it (and thankfully, it was worth it; there were even some gotcha moments); and even
    5) clean the guest bathroom, which is usually an icky job anyway but was made ickier by having to contort myself in between the toilet and the tub to really get things clean, not to mention all the extra blood rushing to my head and thereby making the headache worse.

Hopefully the continued assistance of my First Circle of Tweeters (not sure that’s a word, but it does the job) will keep me inspired and thinking “write, write, write!”

It has begun!

Hi guys.

Well, as expected, things went a little slow tonight. Always happens that way when you’re revising as opposed to creating new material. All that reading and revising and so on. But it’s the most writing I’ve done in months, so why am I complaining, right? Right! :) Soon the revisions will be done and the new stuff will be flowing like the water through Avalanche Trail after a warm day. Or at least one can hope!

Bio update: I was also able to add the two bio pages for Sam and Beth tonight as well. You can find the links at right, or on the “About the Characters” page. If some of the stats for Beth sound a little familiar, yes, I did base a lot of her character on me. You just have to figure out which ones are me, and which ones aren’t! :)

Until next time,

School’s almost out…and it’s almost writing time again

Hi everyone.

Well, as the title suggests, the spring semester is coming to a close. I don’t do summer school–at least not since my first year at UT when I took Government and History II at ACC–and there’s a good chance I’ll take a break in the fall as well. What does this mean in terms of my writing, you may wonder? A lot, in fact. I’ve looked at things pretty closely, and have decided to forgo the summer theatre festival (for many reasons I won’t go into here) and focus on my writing. I’ve missed talking to the characters every day, and I know Auntie Valerie would love for me to complete it. I’ve got a thing or two to fix from the last chapter due to implausibilities in the scenario (apparently it takes you two days to fly to CA in a Cessna, and you can’t hear each other to talk in the cockpit. Go figure.) but fortunately for me, I set up a perfect solution a few chapters back.

So here’s looking forward to reconnecting with my characters and sending Valerie the much-anticipated chapters she’s been waiting for way too long now. I’m not guaranteeing to have it finished up by the Fourth of July (which is two days after her birthday), but I’m going to do my darndest to work on the book every day and really get things rolling.

Until May 18th, my lovlies – which gives me the weekend after school’s out to fool around before getting down to business.

Should I, Shouldn’t I?

Hi everyone. It’s been a while!

What prompted this little note to you, you may ask? Well, as it happens, it was an e-mail I just received from the Writers League announcing their manuscript contest for this year. They’d mentioned it before back in November when we were all plowing through our novels during NaNoWriMo, suggesting that the new work created could be used as the entry to this little contest.

Now, I have to tell you that this would not be the first time I’ve submitted something for a contest. In the mid-1990s, I sent off a script that I’d written for class based on the then-airing television show, Evening Shade, to win a semester-long scholarship to Walt Disney Studios. Back then, I’d thought, what’ve I got to lose? It doesn’t cost me anything beyond the price to mail the script, I’d get to spend a semester learning from those actually in the industry and I didn’t even mind that I’d have to work in the park (Walt Disney World) as part of the deal. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for me, but it was still an intriguing proposition.

This time, there’s a little more at stake. Like a one-on-one meeting with an agent or editor at the upcoming conference in June. I’m not attending the conference, as the cost is prohibitive at this point, but this is an intriguing idea. So intriguing in fact, that I plugged in the flash drive to take a look at my pages just to see if they’d pass muster.

After copying the first chapter (which in my formatting came out to 11 pages) and reformatting their way (double-spaced Times 12), ten pages cuts off in the middle of a paragraph, but it could also be an interesting break to end at the paragraph above. Isn’t the plan to leave your readers wanting more?

Well, friends, I’ve got a little over two weeks until the deadline for postmarks. I have until then to decide. So many questions: is the $50 fee worth it? is my book mainstream fiction or romance? how hard would the one-page synopsis (which is also being judged) be to write? am I willing to take this risk?

I know what Dottie would say — hush up and go for it!


Long time, no write

Hi everyone.

I know it’s been a while, but things are crazy in my world right now, and something had to give. So, the story’s been on hiatus for a while. Partly because of Nikki’s Crazy World, partly because of my emotions running amok for a variety of reasons–the holidays notwithstanding–partly because I got burned out by NaNoWriMo. But it’s always there in the back of my mind, in the reminders from my aunt, and on the To-Do List for 2009. So today while I had a few minutes while I tried to ignore the email notifications dinging at me or the people knocking on my office door while I try and “lunch” I opted to read back over comments from my Editing Crew on the last chapter (which is another “partly” for procrastinating). Here’s the short version:

“This chapter is going to need rethinking/reworking. Unless Beth and Sam are flying in a small jet, it will take 2 days MINIMUM to fly to LA…SO, perhaps they’d better go commercial unless Sam has friends with a small corporate jet.” 

This unexpected little wrinkle was, well, unexpected. Fortunately, it won’t be too awful to fix. Back a few chapters (#24 to be exact), I’d already added a tidbit of info on our hero that will very neatly resolve the commercial vs. jet issue. Isn’t it handy that he has a friend in Manhattan who happens to have a small corporate jet and might just let him have it for the weekend? Yeah, I kinda thought so, too.

Despite this little bit of foresight on my part, I don’t think I can get back the book and finish it by my birthday (end of March–yikes!) as my aunt suggested when she prompted my friends on Facebook to prod me to just that. I do hope to find time to fit it writing something between working extra hours (we’re smack in the middle of year-end processing, of course), attending classes two nights a week (although I should be home by 7:15 instead of 9:45 this semester), bi-monthly meetings and workshops for theatre club on Saturdays, church on Sundays and Carnival ah! performances. See? I told you it was crazy, and that list doesn’t even include meeting up with friends and/or family. I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t admit that sometimes I long for the days where it was just me and my TV…