Tears, Angst and Writing. Oh my!

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You know, it wasn’t until I went to write this post that I realized it’s been a year since I’ve let you guys know how things are going. Well, my dread companion Change has been repeatedly stopping by for a stay, and his biggest visit happened a mere six weeks ago. In mid-September I suddenly and most unexpectedly found myself reorganized out of a job–that’s laid off and not fired, folks–one month after celebrating my 25th work anniversary. One freaking month, and me too young to take my retirement.

I won’t burden you with the details, but I’ve been one hell of a mess. A bawling, self-doubting, frustrated, ticked off, nitpicking, depressed, anxious, annoyed and scared witless mess. Fortunately, things took an upswing earlier today when I landed an interview at a state agency a couple days after submitting the application. So in the span of a couple hours, I went from expecting the worst case scenario (no money to pay bills come January 1) to jumping way ahead and planning my new commute, LOL.

Thankfully, I have something else to distract me until next Friday’s interview and beyond, aside from agency research and the prep work I need to do, that is. That “else” is a thing we writers around the world know as NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month.

official NaNoWriMo banner
I love the new theme this year! I didn’t buy the t-shirt but I did get me the mug. :)

I wasn’t sure if I would have time to do NaNo because finding employment is pretty much my priority right now. But I’ve taken breaks for my Saturday ceramics class, lunches with former colleagues, and bestie M has been letting me come over and “borrow” her printer. So, I figured, why not see how NaNo goes? Even if I only get a few hundred words out of the month, that’s more than I had before, right? Right!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you all that I made a pretty big decision over the summer regarding my writing. After attending the Writers League of Texas conference in June, I came to the realization that part of the reason I have only finished one novel was because I had way too many in progress, flipping between romance and fantasy and back again. So… I am now officially and exclusively (at least for now) a science fiction/fantasy writer!

Think about it for a sec. In a romance novel, you can’t exactly have the heroine sick her pet dragon after the guy who does her wrong. So it really made the most sense to go the fantasy route. ;) I have background on a few other novels too, including one Mom and I are collaborating on, so I’ll have a few titles to keep me busy. For NaNo this year, I’ll be a Rebel. I won’t be working on Camelot though, as that one needs serious fixing and I’m so not in a mood to deal with rewrites. So, I’m returning to my shapeshifter novel, The Aurelius Heir, which doesn’t require any world-building or plotting, since I’d done that a couple of years ago.

I hope to actually blog now and then during November, so please check back and see how it’s going. I’ve updated a few of the site pages based on the genre change as well, including an excerpt for Aurelius on the site.

Happy writing, Wrimos, and I’ll talk to you soon!