Cease and Desist: A Flash Fiction Challenge

It’s a couple of days late, but here’s the result of my flash fiction challenge that M issued last week. In case you missed the earlier post on this, you can read it here but I’ll also make it easier by reminding you below.

“You will pick two [subgenres] from the list…then you will write a short story that mashes up those two subgenres.

It was a good exercise for me in many ways. First, I’m writing! That’s always a good thing. Second, it was good for me to start and end a story in 2,000 words, because it showed me I could actually finish a story, not just a scene like I had with the writer’s blocks.As I mentioned in my Meet My Character Blog Tour post, once I got the bare bones of this story down on paper and knew who my superhero heronie was, it turns out the story came together pretty quickly. I spent a few hours on Saturday writing 75% of the story, and the rest on Sunday with M at our monthly writing session. I also have to thank the Syfy Channel’s 2007 mini-series “Tin Man” and the character of Azkadellia for inspiring the way that Skylar reveals her wings.

So, there may yet be hope that I’ll finish either “GBE” (that’s my chick lit “Great Boyfriend Experiment” novel in progress for those of you new to the blog that’s 85% done and really, really long) or “Shifters” (my paranormal/fantasy novel that I started during NaNoWriMo 2013) in the near future.

For now, I’ll settle for presenting to you Skylar’s story.

Cease and Desist

Skylar pushed through the revolving door of her office building and emerged into the humid afternoon rolling her shoulders, trying to relieve some of the stress from her day’s work as a courier. She’d been busy since she’d arrived that morning, from the first assignment a few blocks over in the city to the last that had taken her two territories over. Her shoulders ached, but that was no surprise, considering the flight time she’d clocked that day. Glancing up at the Corporate cameras on every corner of every block aimed in every direction, she weighed calling out her wings to relieve some of the aches against how long it might take the Central Database to register she wasn’t on the clock and report her.She settled for pulling out her cell phone and making an appointment for a massage.

Sighing, Skylar headed for home with her her hands shoved into the pockets of her short jacket so the cameras wouldn’t pick up on her frustration. She could have tolerated the constant surveillance and the Corporation controlling all aspects of her life if she at least liked her job. There weren’t that many options for her kind, although she’d never wished to be anything other than what she was, even if it meant being stuck for life in a job she hated. Still, she didn’t want anything to affect her standing in the SARC waiting list.

That’s what she really wanted to do, like her uncle had done before her. He’d told her stories of his adventures with the Search and Rescue Corps until the day he’d been caught in an explosion and lost the use of his wings. She’d interned with SARC all through college, hoping she’d get a placement on graduation. Unfortunately, no positions had been available and she’d been stuck looking elsewhere.

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Skylar, heroine of “Cease and Desist” (photo source: Pinterest)

Skylar knew it could be worse. She could be in a job that didn’t allow her to use her wings at all, forced to keep them hidden except for that single hour a day alloted for exercise to keep the muscles from atrophying. Her mother had freaked out when she’d hit puberty and the grayscale tattoos had appeared on her shoulders, shoulder blades, upper arms and ribs, indicating she’d inherited her father’s power of flight. Skylar had been thrilled and had reveled in the freedom to use them whenever she wanted. Even when she’d come of age at twenty-one and received her implant, she hadn’t minded her appointment as a courier because it meant she’d get to fly every day.

Ten years later, it was a different story.

She turned the corner toward home when the streets behind her suddenly erupted in shouting and screaming. Spinning around, she caught sight of a large group of fliers heading for the city in tight formation. She watched as they reached downtown, paused long enough to make one big circuit in the air, then gained a few hundred feet in altitude before flying hard and fast downward.

It wasn’t until she saw them tuck in their wings that she knew their intent. Even as she thought it, the dozen men and women in the sky broke apart and aimed for the small cluster of six buildings that comprised Corporation headquarters. She flinched as she watched them intentionally crash through windows, targeting four separate floors in each of three main buildings. Glass rained down on the citizens below, most being able to duck under awnings or into doorways to avoid the shards.

Suddenly, the air went still and the sounds of the street went quiet, as if the city itself were holding its breath in anticipation.

A second later, all three damaged buildings exploded from the inside out, cascading chunks of concrete and steel into the neighboring buildings and onto the streets and people below.

Skylar shoved her way through the crowd running away from the buildings now billowing thick black smoke and engulfed in flames, trying to make her way closer to the scene of the attack. She could hear the sirens that heralded the coming of the nearest SARC team off in the distance, but they were a lot farther away than they needed to be in order to be of any significant help. Based on where the bombers had chosen to target each of the buildings, she knew it was only a matter of time before one or all three of them began collapsing.

Suddenly she felt the unmistakable downdrafts of a winged flier and looked up. Two airborne members of the elite SARC team had arrived, and they hovered in the air, assessing the situation. They shouted for everyone to get back, to go home, to get inside, but Skylar didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Here were her uncle’s stories unfolding before her in real life, in real time, in all of its horrible glory. She could easily see her uncle hovering aloft in a blue and gold uniform calming everyone down with firm but gentle authority, creating order out of chaos, and helping anyone who needed him.

Her appointment forgotten, Skylar smiled and stepped back until she was mostly hidden in the doorway of a nearby shop to watch. The roaring of the fire didn’t bother her, nor did the ash that was beginning to fall from the burning buildings, or the chaos caused by frightened citizens. This was what she wanted, not schlepping papers or currency or this bit of whatever from city to city for whoever could pay for the privilege. This was what she was meant to do with her life, she was sure of it.

It took a moment for her to realize something wasn’t right. Without the rest of their SARC team, the fliers weren’t able to do anything about the raging fires so they still burned out of control. Without their equipment or support personnel, they were only able to rescue or assist a limited number of people in the air or on the ground, and she could see their frustration in the way they flew.

She heard shouting and saw quite a few curious people had come out into the streets, thinking the worst was over. The fliers were urgently ordering them back inside and off the streets before putting on a sudden burst of power and rocketing up higher in the sky.

Seconds later, she understood why.

They’d seen from their higher vantage point what was coming next and were getting out of the way so they’d be around to help. Loud cracking and popping preceded ominous rumbling that shook the ground Skylar stood on as each of the four damaged floors in the first building imploded and it began to collapse. Skylar gripped the edge of the doorway and buried her head in her shoulder to muffle her crying as she imagined all of the people who were trapped within that two hundred story building as it fell, unable to do anything but die.

Her head snapped up as she heard horrified screaming, and Skylar barely contained her own scream as she saw that workers within the buildings had started breaking windows and leaping out into thin air rather than being caught and crushed as the building went down.

The SARC fliers reacted immediately. They literally swooped in and snatched people out of mid-air, but they were too few and the jumpers were too many. For every four people they caught and rescued, twice that many plummeted to the ground. Only a few were lucky and managed to land on a succession of awnings or trees that slowed their descent enough to keep them alive, but most ended up broken and bloodied on the pavement.

When she heard the popping and booming starting again, Skylar turned away, not wanting to watch the second building and its tenants fall to their doom. It was then she heard her uncle’s voice in her head, saw him centered in the midst of an emergency helping anyone that needed him even after he’d been grounded. She knew then what she wanted to, could do. Yet she also knew the price she would have to pay.

If it meant she saved just one life, it would be worth it.

Shoving out of her hiding place, Skylar headed for the chaos, shedding her jacket as she ran. Her tattoos shimmered on the bare skin revealed by the halter top she always wore as she twisted up her hair and secured it with the tie that was ever-present around her wrist. One of the fliers saw her as he deposited a man and a woman on a fire escape, and hollered at her to get back and out of the way. Rather than replying, she stopped abruptly in the middle of the street and called forth her wings.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. As her arms lifted, she willed her wings to emerge from her tattoos. She heard gasps from those around her as the stylized wings seemed to lift from her skin, growing and unfolding in an impressive display. The glossy dark gray and black feathers caught small slivers of sunlight that made it through the floating ash as she stretched them to their full ten-foot wingspan.

Wasting no time, she vaulted into the air.

She pumped her wings hard and reached the same altitude as the other fliers, communicating with the hand signals she’d learned during her internship. Relief flashed briefly across their faces as they welcomed the help before they directed her beneath them. Ripping the nearest canvas awning off the building, she held one end and threw the other out, and each of the fliers caught hold, creating a makeshift sling that could carry multiple people to safety.

Just as they dropped off their first load onto a nearby fire escape out of danger, a sharp burst of pain skittered up the full length of her spine to her brain. Her unsanctioned activity had been transmitted to the Central Corporate Database through her implant and logged, and the noncompliance command had been triggered. Simultaneously, the Corporate warning all citizens feared echoed through her mind.

Citizen. You are acting outside of contract parameters and are hereby ordered to cease and desist. Comply immediately for summary judgment or endure summary execution.

Without hesitation, Skylar made her choice and remained aloft with the other fliers. But with every minute that passed, the pain coursing through her body from her implant intensified, and it began to affect her ability to fly. She waved off the concerned looks of the SARC team and kept going until she couldn’t hold back her cries.

“You’re not SARC, are you?” the nearest flier guessed.

Skylar ignored him.

The rest of the SARC team arrived just in time as the third building collapsed and the pain became too much for her. Skylar struggled to stay aloft and barely kept her side of the sling in the air until the six men and women within leapt to safety. Her grip slipped, then her left wing faltered, and abruptly she plummeted. The closest SARC flier released the tarp and dove after her, barely catching her in time to settle her gently on the street.

Holding her against him, his wings momentarily hiding them from view, he asked, “Why would you sacrifice yourself rather than comply?”

Fighting the pain, she managed to whisper, “Because for me, there was no other choice.” With a sharp, piercing scream, Skylar convulsed as her implant transmitted its final fatal pulse.

As she went limp in his arms, the young flier lowered his head to rest it against hers. He jolted as someone touched his shoulder, and he looked up to see the last six people she had saved standing in a circle around them.

“We’ll take care of her,” one of the women said. “Go do what you can. She won’t be forgotten.”

He nodded once to each of them, then launched himself into the air.

Author’s Note: You know it’s good when it makes both you and your best friend emotional at the end of the story. So thanks, Meagan, for challenging me to write my first ever finished short story. Go me!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

This week’s challenge is a great one. I’m keeping it simple, though, to the four things I love the most. Well, the four things I love most after my mom, of course. She’s always #1 on the list. Although, now that I think about it, she’s actually associated with each and every one of the photos below in some way or another, so she’s here in spirit, even if she is a bit camera shy.

Love... is a cat on a lap
Love is… a cat on a lap. I was able to adopt Molly because of Mom’s best friend, V. (Click the image to visit my Nik’s Cats share site for more photos.)
Montana, and the Glacier Avalanche trail. My heart lives here.
Love is… Montana, and Glacier’s Avalanche Trail. My heart longs to return to Montana, a place I was able to visit because of that very same friend of Mom’s, V. (Click the image to visit my Great Flathead Valley Adventure share site for more photos.)
Love is... Ireland. My soul lives here. (click image to visit my Nik's Irish Birthday share site for more photos)
Love is… Ireland. My soul longs to live here. Mom and I visited the Emerald Isle to celebrate my 40th birthday.
(Click the image to visit my Irish Birthday share site for more photos.)
Love is... Firefly. 'Nuff said.
Love is… Firefly. ‘Nuff said.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Well, this is quite the apropos weekly post, what with having posted just yesterday about resolutions in general. As it happens, I have a couple of photos representing items on my “to-dos” for 2013 — I’m calling them “to-dos” instead of resolutions in the hopes more of them will get accomplished because I’m really good with lists. If you’re curious about the whole list, I direct you once again to my related Pinterest board (oh, how I love that site!).

And now, for three of my “resolutions” in their colorful glory:

#14 — road trip to Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge (Tyler, TX)
#12 -- Finish My Novel!
#12 — Finish My Novel!
#2 -- finish a crafty projects in progress (I've now finished this section and started working on the top half!)
#2 — finish a crafty projects in progress (over the holidays I finished this section and I’m now working on the top half!)

What’s It Gonna Be for 2013?

thinkingYour new 2013 calendar has been hung and flipped to January. Your old 2012 calendar has been tossed in the recycle bin, or maybe saved for a scrap book because a couple of the Irish pub photos are really pretty cool, or it’s still on the wall because you need to refer to that week in December for a few more days. After that, there’s not much left to do but look back on how you did with your last year’s resolutions.

Me, I was somewhere between “meh” and *snort laugh.*

Last year, my writer bud MG posted a “12 in 12” list and suggested we do one with her. Since I thought that sounded like a grand idea, I made a list and posted it (click here to refresh your memories, like I did). Funny thing is, it wasn’t a hard list to accomplish. Some of them were even “one and done” types, and yet all but maybe one or two remain not crossed off, including the one I was unable to do because the related event was canceled and therefore out of play.

When it came time to create my 2013 list, I knew I’d have returning items as well as newbies. I started with my handy Pinterest board from last year, copying over the handful of items that were sticking around for another year — paying off credit card(s), cooking more, going to a hockey game… and the perennial favorite, Finishing My Novel. Then I added the new guys and when I was done, I shifted and sorted and checked out the sixteen items I now had on my list.

6/15 were renewed from last year.
4/15 are home improvement or decorating projects.
1/15 is planning next year’s trip to France (WOOT).
1/15 is a road trip to the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, TX.
4/15 were ideas inspired by Pinterest.

Of course I’ve created another nice big to-do list for the upcoming year. Fortunately, even if I get to cross only one of them off, that’s still a fabulous accomplishment for a procrastinator like me. Here’s hoping the “good things jar” gets so full I have to clean it out and start over, and that the “five bucks” jar does the same! :)

PS ~ here’s my list in it’s pinned glory: http://pinterest.com/nixdesk/my-2013-to-do-board/

Original suggestion post; join us!
Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions (Doompocalypse Redux)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Here’s what “renewal” means to me, photographically speaking…

click to view full size
replenishment ~ bring on the rain!
click to view full size
renewal ~ a new flower means a new tomato
click to view full size
revival ~ flowers in winter
renewal ~ a tiny bee pollinates a pine cone

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

I took a look back at my online photos to see what I could find. I found these were the neatest geometric shapes from on our trip to Ireland. These photos were taken by myself and my mom (okay, mostly mom). Enjoy!







Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Okay, so I’m sneaking this in under the Friday deadline wire, but since it’s Irish (and I love Ireland and things Irish/Celtic), I couldn’t not post it. I found the following among my plethora of photos from my trip to the Emerald Isle in March/April 2010; it was the only one that wasn’t a combo of English/Gaelic. I am still determined to learn Gaelic someday so I don’t have to rely on translations to know what things say. In the meantime, it just looks bloody cool.

Oh, and if this topic comes around again, I’ll definitely share a photo of my Pepsi bottle I picked up in St. Petersburg on a band trip back in ’86. It’s pretty darn nifty. :)

Banner at Trinity University Library