Okay, this Camp thing is kinda fun

Happy MinionsHappy Saturday, my fellow campers! I come to you from another successful writing work session with my BFF. We’ve spent a productive couple of hours in the camp’s cafeteria, and although M finished up her writing before me, I beat her on overall word count. I admit, I’m getting a significant amount of pleasure out of that! On most days, she wallops me on such things, while I am still the Queen of overall project words written.

It’s actually kind of amazing how much I’ve written on this project, and I’m still learning where the story goes. It’s true I’m working from an outline–c’mon folks, I’m a planner extraordinaire–but it always fascinated me to see what ends up on the page from my notes. What might be a sentence fragment in my writer’s notebook often ends up as almost 1,500 words typed into Scrivener. Kind of like tonight.

Anyhoo, I’ll keep this short because a) I’ve got a yummy grilled cheese and fries for dinner that’s calling my name, and b) it’s Saturday night so I think I’ll end the day streaming some Netflix as I relax into my evening.

Happy writing, all!

Camp Stats

Days written: 5
Daily word count/goal: 1,383/500
Word count to date/target: 6,143/15,000


A Fly on the Wall of NaNoPrep

As I sat with my fellow NaNo prepper M yesterday in our usual Sunday library corner, I managed to get all of the plot for “Curse of Camlann” I’d already sketched out officially written down. I also downgraded one character to a supporting role and introduced a newer one, based on my musings and input from Mom, because one should always listen to Mom. Furthermore, I renamed Obsessed Ex-Husband because his name was too soap opera-y and found his photo on Pinterest, posting the latter to my COC board for future reference. Fortunately, only that last one was an official distraction, unless one counts the chips, sour straws and Reese’s that M tossed onto the table oh so cavalierly.

Mmmm, writing snacks.

Anyway, as I was saying… My plan for Sunday was to get farther along with the rest of the plot. As in all the way done. M had to keep reminding me anything done is better than nothing done at all. So I kept plugging along. Occasionally I’ d ask her random questions on random topics, checked with her writer brain that works differently than mine to see if an idea I had made sense or was completely off the mark, or if one scenario would be more appropriate than another.

For example, after one exchange, M had this opinion: it might be a little bit scary for Reese (immortal hero of the story), who has just resurrected from being shot by the Obsessed Ex-Husband of Rowena (heroine of the story) and whom she thinks is dead because moments before Reese had no pulse, to touch her on the leg where she kneels within reach next to him to let her know he is not in fact dead after all.

Smart woman, that BFF of mine.

It was then that I wondered just what others around us in the library think of our topic-ranging discussions. Between last year’s shapeshifters and hyena massacres and this year’s immortals and resurrections and a brief consideration of just how evil was Vlad the Impaler really, we have to sound a little bit odd. Oh, to be a fly on that wall to hear what interesting things come out of brainstorms and aha! moments and the imbibing of copious amounts of caffeine in all its forms during NaNo around the world…