NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 5 Report

castaspellHello again, my fellow NaNoers. It’s the end of Day 6, a quiet Sunday evening, and I’ve just finished up today’s writing session. It’s been a slow day, my having clocked in only 2,236 words. Meagan says I’m becoming a snob about word count. She might be right, because I don’t believe I’ve ever been this far ahead in word count before. I both blame her and thank her for that. My lack of oomph tonight I’m chalking up to having sung my guts out at church today for 5 songs a service times two services and a grand total of five hours and a slightly hoarse voice. But I am particularly proud that I didn’t sit back and coast on my nice high word count I’m at 14,292 in case you’re following along) and just blow off the day. Nope, I persevered.

Today’s piece of the story was my hero telling his lady fair his history of how he’d been cursed 1,500 years ago by a sorceress casting a spell on a moonlit night with her grimoire in hand, kind of like the witch in today’s photo post. My version of Morgana is in fact the very same character from the BBC television show Merlin. Their world of Camelot so perfectly fits what I imagined for Rhys that I totally and completely and without shame adopted their world as my own. I’ve probably already told you that, but it bears repeating because it’s just that awesome. I’ll probably watch all five seasons of the series again before the book is done. Okay, maybe I’ll hold off until November is over and I actually have some free time for bingeing television, but it will happen.

Anyway, back to our hero. He’s feeling pretty good right now because his lady believed his story and now he might have a chance at breaking his curse. I’m starting to get a little nervous, though. I’m running out of outline, and sooner than I’d like I might have to become a pantser.

Won’t that be interesting!