NaNoWriMo2016 Day 8

rhyslatchedbookHere we are again, my wrimos, and it’s been a much more successful day. Today I met once again with my wrimo friend Kelly, and we had a very productive lunch writing session. I managed to get more than halfway to the 1,667 needed for the day, and that one hour’s work surpassed the count I’d had from my entire writing session the night before. Tonight I returned once more to my favorite diner, ordered myself a grilled cheese and fries (the perfect meal for a rainy, chilly night) and finished up my scene in a couple of hours.

The fact that I was back up in the twenty three hundred range that is my usual, rather than the wimpy eleven hundred words I barely managed last night, clued me in to a couple of things. Firstly, my binge watching television while writing perhaps isn’t as good an idea as it has been in the past. Second, listening to my novel playlist is the best way to get any choral songs rumbling around in my brain to go away. Third, finding a good place to hide out for a while and write, especially one where you’re a regular and the staff knows you so you don’t feel guilty for hogging a booth for the night, is a great alternative to home.

So I leave you for the night with my word count at 17, 861, and that puts me almost three days ahead. It also temporarily puts me ahead of my bestie Meagan as well, so I think that’s a mighty fine note on which to end my day.



NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 7

dontthinkjustwriteHello from the trenches on this first Monday of NaNoWriMo. I have to tell you, it has felt like nothing but a Monday all day. Here in Austin, it’s been drizzly and overcast, which is dreary and blah and makes you long for even just one ray of sunshine bursting through the clouds. On top of that, it’s also the first work day after having set our clocks back for Daylight Savings Time. I’ve been really tired and low energy most of the day, and boy am I thankful that I was able to ramp up the word count over the weekend. That edge means that on a slow day like today when I hit only 1,170 words, I don’t have to panic or feel bad or get all grumpy if I don’t hit the daily recommended word count.

I’m also a little bit off from having the choral music from yesterday continuously running through my head in rotation so my concentration isn’t up to its usual snuff. Top all of that off by wanting to get back to work on  my writing journal and get everything transferred over, I think you could say today that the distractions won the day.

But you know, that’s the best part about NaNo. The support you get, especially from the friends who are also doing this crazy competition with you, is great. They chat with you via IM to keep you inspired and to keep you motivated (I am going to match Meagan’s word count one of these days if it kills me) and also to suggest that perhaps where you were thinking the scene should go might not be where the characters want it to go an maybe that’s why your writing has temporarily stalled out.

I fell victim to thinking too much today, trying to craft the perfect scene, instead of just getting it down on paper and worry about the perfect rhythm and wording later.

Like in December. Of 2017.

Thus the photo in today’s post. I think for the next couple of days, it’s going to be my new mantra. Don’t think, just write, and crank it out. Here’s hoping I can follow my own advice!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 5 Report

castaspellHello again, my fellow NaNoers. It’s the end of Day 6, a quiet Sunday evening, and I’ve just finished up today’s writing session. It’s been a slow day, my having clocked in only 2,236 words. Meagan says I’m becoming a snob about word count. She might be right, because I don’t believe I’ve ever been this far ahead in word count before. I both blame her and thank her for that. My lack of oomph tonight I’m chalking up to having sung my guts out at church today for 5 songs a service times two services and a grand total of five hours and a slightly hoarse voice. But I am particularly proud that I didn’t sit back and coast on my nice high word count I’m at 14,292 in case you’re following along) and just blow off the day. Nope, I persevered.

Today’s piece of the story was my hero telling his lady fair his history of how he’d been cursed 1,500 years ago by a sorceress casting a spell on a moonlit night with her grimoire in hand, kind of like the witch in today’s photo post. My version of Morgana is in fact the very same character from the BBC television show Merlin. Their world of Camelot so perfectly fits what I imagined for Rhys that I totally and completely and without shame adopted their world as my own. I’ve probably already told you that, but it bears repeating because it’s just that awesome. I’ll probably watch all five seasons of the series again before the book is done. Okay, maybe I’ll hold off until November is over and I actually have some free time for bingeing television, but it will happen.

Anyway, back to our hero. He’s feeling pretty good right now because his lady believed his story and now he might have a chance at breaking his curse. I’m starting to get a little nervous, though. I’m running out of outline, and sooner than I’d like I might have to become a pantser.

Won’t that be interesting!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 4

snoopywoodstocktypewriterGood evening, wrimos! It’s been another successful day at Chez Nikki, with a word count for today once again over 3,200. It’s quite a good feeling to keep going even though you have completed one goal because that next one is so close that it would take very little time to reach it. Thus it was with me today. I’d already surpassed today’s count of 8,335 yesterday, and after finishing the scene I’d written I was only a few hundred away from the next big goal. My best friend Meagan had already hit over 11, 000 and boy did I want to catch up.

So instead of giving in, I opened a new document in Scrivener, added a title and kept going. The result? I am now up over — are you ready? — 12,000 words, and on day five no less. I am pretty sure I’ve not written that much this early in the almost seven years I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo. Yet here I am.

I also did it all without one bite of chocolate, even though I was craving a box of Milk Duds like you wouldn’t believe. Fortunately, I got my caffeine fix via the Diet Coke I ordered with my take out, and a couple hours later, here I am with this amazing word count total.

So I’m off to bed (it’s about 20 minutes to midnight here in still muggy and still warm Texas) because I’m singing in the choir at both of tomorrow’s church services, and I need to be up at the crack of dawn. Considering I just now remembered that I also need to set my clocks back an hour, I think bedtime is a bit overdue.

Thus I leave you a happy writer, if a slightly tired one. Successful writing to you, my wrimo lovlies!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 3 Update

Hello from the trenches, my fellow wrimos! It’s November 4, my third day of writing this go-around, and I am so pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far. Not only have I had multiple writing sessions each day, but I’ve clocked in word counts over 3k on two of them to put me a day and a half ahead of the suggested goal.

Pardon me a moment while I do a happy dance in my chair (or diner booth as the case may be).

On top of that, I’ve had the chance to write with two great gals during our casual and unofficial write-ins this week. With Kel, I’ve turned my lunch hour into a productive spurt of writing, and with Meagan, our diner dinner turned into another successful session. Okay, yes, both of them have counts higher than mine, but you know what? I’m okay with that. It doesn’t matter what their counts are, or what project their working on. What does count is that I’m well on my way to winning another NaNo with the added bonus of getting that much closer to actually writing those two magical words on that last page: The End.

This year, as I mentioned in previous posts, I’m utilizing my bullet journal to track my word count and other things NaNo. I have to tell you all, I’m getting immense satisfaction in coloring in all those little books on the shelves each night after I’ve finished the day’s writing. It’s so much fun making turning those colorful books blue, and because of my success this week, I’m only four books away from having two completely blue shelves. Here, let me show you. I took a snap of the first bookshelf page in my bullet journal, and it turned out pretty well, if I don’t say so myself (click on the image to see it full size):


Neat, huh? I’m definitely liking the creative aspect of drawing the books and shelves (which I didn’t think I could do very well, and wasn’t I pleasantly surprised at how they turned out), and seeing my success progress as I color has a bit of meditation in it as well.

So I bid you adieu this Friday evening with a happy smile, and hope that your writing has been as successful, pleasurable and prolific as mine. :)

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 2 Update

snoopyandthetardisHello again, wrimos! Well, turns out I was still inspired from my earlier writing session at the office, and after installing some downloads and checking out a post or many on Facebook, I managed to crank out another writing session tonight just before the clock strikes midnight. Which means that when I start my writing session tomorrow at lunch, I’m all caught up in my word counts and even a teeny bit ahead of the game.

Here’s to not giving in to that little voice in your head that said, “you already wrote enough today, you don’t need to do any more” and telling it “yes, I wrote today, but who says we can’t write some more?” We’ll see how long today stands as my most productive, having clocked in 3,558 words in 6 hours. Okay yeah sure, I could have written more had I not surfed in between thoughts or not paid attention to the television show I was half-binge watching in the background. But the point was to catch up to my daily goal, and in that I succeeded.

As always, don’t forget to check my new widget in the left menu for the progress I’ve made and my comment on the day. Talk to you soon, wrimos!

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 2 Report

NaNoWriMoWizardOkay, yes, technically it’s November 3rd, but since I had a long, busy, tiring day yesterday I chose not to write so that makes today my Day 2. Yesterday’s surplus also helped out a little when playing catch up this evening, and I did manage to go a little beyond that necessary second day total. That means I’ll still be behind tomorrow, unless when I get home from the office (which is where I spent my writing time tonight) I decide to put in a little more work. You never know with me. Sometimes I just blow it off, and sometimes I surprise myself and say, “why not, let’s keep going!”

I’ll have a lunch writing session tomorrow with wrimo pal Kel, since today’s planned session was sidelined by the call of chicken enchiladas with boom-boom sauce and stuffed avocados. I’ll also have another session with my other wrimo and BFF Meagan, and since we’re going to my neighborhood diner, I bet we can camp out and stay there until they kick us out. If need be, I will get as many orders of french fries as it takes to keep the table. Theirs are fabulous, and hey, I do what I can.

Well, although the cleaning crew left the lights on for me because they actually saw me hiding out back here in my corner cubicle, someone else just turned them out. I guess that’s a sign I should head for home, huh?

Don’t forget to check my new widget in the left menu for the progress I’ve made and my comment on the day. Talk to you soon, wrimos!