‘Twas a misty, rainy day at Camp NaNoWriMo

Well, I don’t know about you folks, but the last couple of days here at camp have been rainy and drizzly and down right overcast. Not the most conducive weather for writing if you ask me. Fortunately, I persevered both yesterday and today and got some serious word count in.

On Monday, my original lunch plans were to take a break and play some Magic: The Gathering with my non-writing friend (for the sake of camp, let’s call him a counselor) were thwarted by his new schedule, so that actually freed me up to sneak in my daily word count goal. I didn’t have any plans for lunch today either, M being busy with a visit by her hubby, but didn’t relish spending another day trapped alone in my cabin at my desk. So I headed out into the sprinkles, got myself some food and took a moment for myself and headed back to the cabin. I had to tuck my glasses underneath my sleeve and slip my phone in my pocket so they would be safe from the now-drizzle that accompanied me back.

The Fates were also very kind to me in that they gave me a shorter than usual drive to meet M at the cafeteria for another work session, so I had a little time to relax before diving back into my story. As happens sometimes, I got to a good stopping point but I was just THAT MUCH shy of not only another 500 increment but another 1,000 mark that would also allow me to color in another of the 15 books tracking my overall word count goal.

It’s becoming clear to me that having not only a writing plan but also a writing schedule really does work. This bodes very well for the retreat M and I are planning in July, as we’ve already got that all worked out. So stay tuned for more from Camp, and as M’s husband said, “Good writings!”

Camp Stats

Days written: 7
Daily word count/goal: 1,510/500
Word count to date/target: 8,263/15,000


NaNoWriMo Day 3: Iffy

changeresistantHello writers everywhere! Today’s post is going to be shorter than yesterday’s, and in the stolen (with her permission) format of one of my new friends and fellow newbie Wrimos. (Hi, Kate!)

After a quick dinner, I tossed in a movie, booted up the laptop, reviewed my plot notes and began typing. Fortunately, because I was ahead of the game yesterday, I wasn’t too worried if I wasn’t as productive as my awesome day two. So here’s how it went:

Today’s Word Count: 1,856

Total Word Count: 6,928

Writing Time: Too long for the number of words put to page.

Feeling: Relaxed, toasty warm and satisfied.

Motivation: Staying ahead in the word count, and my donation to NaNoWriMo earlier in the day that earned me my halo. See:

Inspiration: Watching movies with knights and heroes in them (Ladyhawke and Crossworlds, both starring the totally awesome Rutger Hauer).

Biggest Triumph: Sticking with it and adding another day’s worth of words into the tally instead of giving in.

Biggest Setback: Losing my momentum when distractions such as a nosy kitty walking across my lap or having to rework my “lapdesk” setup because it was not comfortable and therefore not conducive to writing.

Helpful Insights: I really should only listen to music when writing. It’s just too easy for me to get distracted by a movie or TV show, even if I’ve seen it a hundred times before. Case in point: knowing by the music alone when my two favorite scenes from Ladyhawke were on, and pausing to watch them (and yes, tear up) before trying to get back to work.

So that’s it for November 3rd. Tomorrow is another chance to keep racking up those words before I have a long day/night on Wednesday, so I’ll see you tomorrow!