Day Six, A Few More Words Added to the Mix

Ugh, Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be tough on the writing. I’m not getting home from school until quarter to nine, and after taking care of the girls it’s nearly 9:15 before I’m in front of the keyboard. I hope that the rest of the days of the week I’ll be able to get a little more volume out of my writing. Yes, I could write longer, but it’s already past my bedtime and I’m yawning so hard my jaw is nearly stretching in two. So, I’m calling it quits after a page and a half, hoping–no, knowing–tomorrow will be more fruitful. Yes, I might have to work late and yes, I have a relationship to bring closure to and yes, I have to get up early on Saturday for a school Student Life event. But just like tonight, I’m sure I can find time to write because it’s important to me, and to the project.

Hey, 700 words is better than none, right? You betcha!

Today’s word count: 696
Total NNE word count: 6,901


Day Six, What’s the Sitch?

Okay, I admit it. I’m having fun coming up with the rhymes (or pseudo-rhymes in today’s case). Not as much fun as writing, but still…

Anyhoo, I’m home from school and I’m starting the writing shortly, but my aunt posed an interesting question. When I finish my novel, her book club would like to be its first readers. I’m honored they’d like to critique it and give me feedback, based on Valerie’s description. So far, only close friends and/or family has gotten a copy to read, and only Valerie has offered comments as feedback (other than the “it’s great” types friends are wont to do). It’s an interesting proposition, and one I will consider seriously. It’s quite a heady thought, having a book club critiquing your first novel. It’s definitely not anything I thought would ever happen, even with my local Writers’ League.

So, yet another thank you to Valerie for believing in my book and to her book club for their interest. I feel so…authorly! :)

Day Five, The Experiment’s Still Alive

Hi everyone. Me again. Of course who else would it be on my own blog, right? LOL. Anyhoo, while today wasn’t as prolific in the word count department, I did get another chapter done. That’s right, ladies and gents, it only took two days to get Chapter 29 written. Woo hoo! Valerie’s going to love that, after waiting months in between 27 and 28. Hee hee! See, this is what happens when I actually write the book at night when I get home from work instead of spending the evening watching TV or DVDs.

Well, okay, so I might have the TV on or a movie playing in the background as I write, but I make sure to put in something that’s white noise instead of something I really want to watch, like the new DVD set of last year’s season of Smallville that I got at Half Price Books on the way home. It does make for a good incentive to get my work done though, doesnt’ it? :) So I’ll leave you with the updated word counts while I’m off to snuggle with the cats under a blanket on the couch. Talk to you tomorrow!

Today’s word count: 810
Total NNE word count: 6,205

Day Four, I’ve written even more

Hi all. Well, another successful couple of hours has moved the story along, connected all the pieces previously written and leaving me in a good spot for tomorrow. Yee-haw. I’m glad I talked myself into doing this project. It’s reminding me how much I enjoy it and the characters, seeing if they’re following my lead or if I’m following theirs. Interestingly enough, Real Time is almost exactly two years later than Story Time, the current chapters taking place a week before Halloween 2006. Of course, my costume wasn’t as elaborate as my main characters is, and my boyfriend didn’t wear a costume this year. So you can definitely say I’m living a bit vicariously through them for one night a year. Isn’t fiction fabulous?

Today’s word count: 1,205
Total NNE word count: 5,395

Day Four, Write Some More!

Well, I spent the last hour and a half working on my research paper, and I got about a page done. Fortunately, it’s only a five page paper, and that makes a total of three done. Might go over a little on the page count, but that’s okay. Why the professor insists on 1″ margins, double spacing and Times 12, I’ll never know. But kind of like with the novel, I’m just writing and I’ll edit later after Mom reads it. She took Art History way back when so she can read over the first draft and let me know if I missed the mark. Thank goodness for art lovers! :)

Okay, I’m off to write on the novel now. I’ll check back in with you guys when tonight’s session is done.

Day Three Is Done

Well, I got a late start on the while writing thing today, and I had to re-work a bit because of continuity issues (which are a lot easier to fix in writing than in film, I can tell you that). But I managed to crank out another three and a half pages and almost another fifteen hundred words. Kind of makes up for the bummer of a day I had today, but only a little. Writing has definitely been therapeutic for me this month, and it’s reminding me that I can write after work if I want to–and if I’m not too tired. That said, I’m heading off to bed so I can get up in time for my early-morning doctor’s appointment before work tomorrow. We’ll see how the day goes; I may have to cut tomorrow’s fiction session short in order to get a bit more on my research paper done. At least that one’s only five pages long! :)

Today’s word count: 1,472
Total NNE word count: 4,190

Day Two Results

Well, today was much more fruitful as far as my writing went. Again, due to my mood this weekend, the desire to write wasn’t really there but once I got to typing, the action just started to flow. I appreciate it when that happens, because I enjoy the creative process so much more that way, regardless of what’s running through my head that day. It’s a marked difference from yesterday, when I could barely get a page written. Today, I cranked out five and a half pages and over 2,000 words. Okay, so I did sort of forget a piece that needs to be in the middle of the scene I’ve just written, but I did find a good spot to insert the missing section. Again, it’s always nice when I unintentionally build in those elements and it’s not a struggle to fix. Hopefully things will go as smoothly next week; in addition to my usual Mon/Wed free evenings, my professor cancelled class on Tuesday (she’s been sick and has now officially lost her voice from working too hard and not resting). I will now have a little extra time to not only work on my novel but get in a little writing on my Art History paper as well. I’ll take it.

Today’s word count: 2,169
Total NNE word count: 2,718