Frankie’s Homecoming


Frankie and Windwalker
Frankie and her horse, Windwalker

As the story begins, we meet Frances “Frankie” Greer, a veterinarian at one of the larger animal hospitals in San Diego. She’s got a good life, great friends and job she loves. Her relationship with her mother might not be as close as it used to be, especially since it’s been just the two of them since she was thirteen. Still, that could be as much her fault as her mother’s, what with all the late night hours she’s has been putting in to establish her practice and her mother’s new creative interests. It’s also taken Frankie two years to work through the crippling grief caused by the unexpected death of her husband, Greg Devane; a second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, he’d made it home safe from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan only to be killed by a drunk driver on their first night out following his return.

Then, on what would have been an otherwise normal day, she receives a registered letter from a law firm in her Texas hometown. Opening it, Frankie gets the biggest shock of her life: her estranged father has passed away suddenly and he’s named her as his one and only heir. Confused, she tries to work through why he’d leave her everything when she hasn’t seen him since her mother had packed up and left everything and everyone behind. Granted, she’d made trips back to Kilcavan to visit her friends on spring breaks, summer vacations and for high school graduations, but she’d been expressly forbidden to have anything to do with her father. So, she hadn’t.

Now, in order to settle his estate, Frankie must travel back to where she grew up, a place she hasn’t returned to in over ten years, despite having kept in touch with her childhood friends via social media over the years. She’s not looking forward to poking through the life of a man she barely knew, nor is she happy about having to use the vacation days she’d been saving up for a trip to Europe in order to have a job when she returns.

She definitely didn’t count on finding out she has a tenant living over the stables that she’ll have to deal with eventually: an ex-rodeo champion who is brilliant with horses but not so much with people, including herself…


Start date: 1 November 2015
NaNoWriMo years: 2016
Word count to date: 6,004
Status: project currently on hold.

Resources on Pinterest

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Project ~ Kilcavan City — inspiration board highlighting my fictional Texas city created for characters from two other series but just seemed to fit Frankie’s story.