Luck of the Haywards 1: Take A Chance


Caleb Haywood (Henry Cavill from “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”)

Caleb Hayward, the eldest of the five Hayward siblings, is a brilliant architect with general contractor skills learned from working his way up from the bottom at his father’s high-profile Austin firm. He’s overcome accusations of nepotism, jealous colleagues and a few broken bones from his construction days to earn his reputation as the man to see to transform your wildest ideas into breathtaking structures of steel, concrete and glass.

Despite his successes, the one thing he wants most still manages to elude him. Now, thanks to the somewhat crazy but nonetheless intriguing idea concocted during one of the siblings’ regular evenings of dinner and drinks, he’s taken the lead on a project that could finally be the one to help him reach his ultimate goal of starting his own firm and proving to his peers once and for all he’s more than just the boss’s kid. Juggling his existing clients while trying to meet the truncated deadline for their plan, Caleb doesn’t have time for anything else.

That vow is put to the test when Kelsey Keating shows up at the Grove to interview for a position at the ranch. His intense and instant attraction to her is an unexpected complication, and the more he tries to bury what he’s feeling, the stronger those emotions become. He’s willing to risk everything to succeed in business, but can he take the same chance for love?


Start date: 1 November 2018
NaNoWriMo years: 2018
Word count to date: 0
Status: new project


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Book cover created for NaNoWriMo 2018

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