Series 4: Luck of the Haywards

tree swing
A quiet spot on the ranch for reading, napping or watching the sunset.

In the Texas Hill Country, you’ll find numerous wineries on both sides of the highway as you drive down 290 W between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. Delaney Vineyards is one such place, and although its had award-winning vintages over the years, business hasn’t been as good as it used to be. Especially when you consider the increase in competing wineries going up just down the road and back-to-back storm seasons that threatened the new crops planted to replace those damaged by tornadoes and floods. It’ll take a miracle to turn things around, and the siblings might just have found a way to pull it off.

It all started one rainy winter’s night during one of the siblings’ monthly get-togethers when each of them had expressed how unhappy they were in their current professional lives. At first, the wild suggestion tossed out had been laughed off as a by-product of the enormous amounts of Delaney wine and Hayward cooking they’d consumed that evening. Yet when they woke up the next morning, all a little hung over yet unable to think of anything else, each admitted that perhaps it wasn’t such a hare-brained idea after all.

The winery had been built on a prime location, 700 acres nearly dead center on Highway 290’s “Wine Road,” and vineyards outnumbered hotels in the area almost five to one. Why not turn the family vacation home that sat empty for most of the year because none of them could get away long enough to enjoy it into a boutique hotel? With most of the acreage having remained undeveloped over the last century, all of the siblings had at one time or another taken to horseback to explore it and get away from the fast-paced city life. Why not renovate the old rundown barn that had once been a stopover for cowboys during the cattle boom and build a large stable and training ground? They’d be able to offer guests a “dude ranch” experience and a facility for aspiring equestrians and rodeo contestants alike.

Now, bolstered by an ambitious plan for turning the Delaney vineyard into the Guardian Grove Stables and Winery, the luck and lives of the Hayward siblings–Caleb, Mitch, Dean, Jamie and Faith–are about to change.

The Books

Vol. 1: Take A Chance 

Vol. 2 : Leave Nothing to Chance

Vol. 3: In Games of Chance
Synopsis forthcoming

Vol. 4: His Second Chance
Synopsis forthcoming

Vol. 5: If Given a Chance
Synopsis forthcoming

last updated: 19 October 2018