The Curse of Camlann


Reese Llywellyn, aka Sir Rhys (Greyston Holt, Clayton Danvers from “Bitten”)

Reese Llywellyn looks like what you’d expect in a horse breeder and rancher–tall, strong, and handsome but in a rough-and-tumble kind of way. He seems familiar, and you’re right if you’ve ever been to a renaissance festival. Reese is a master of swords, and often makes appearances across the country, including the newest renfaire in Montana where he now makes his home. He is also a walking encyclopedia of history; go ahead, ask him anything. He’ll know the answer and then some.

You see, Reese was born over 1500 years ago in a little seaside village in Wales, and as a young man he joined the second circle Knights of the Round Table to fight for God, king, country and Camelot. While folklore tells of Merlin, King Arthur and their battle against Mordred and Morgana at the Battle of Camlann, only the faintest wisp of legend remains about Sir Rhys, the knight who fought at Arthur’s side and was cursed to live forever. That’s a tale only Reese himself can tell.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost with regard to his curse. It comes down to a comet and an eclipse, to a dagger and a girl, to faith and sacrifice. But then, doesn’t it always?


Start date: 1 November 2014
Dates NaNoWriMo won: 30 Nov 2014, 26 Nov 2016
Dates Camp NaNoWriMo won: 21 April 2017
Other NaNoWriMo years: 2015, Camp 2017
Word count to date: 
 in progress…and almost done!


Morgana’s Curse that changed Reeses’s life forever
Rowena’s counter spell that just might set Reese free
An excerpt from November’s National Novel Writing Month efforts
Playlist for Camlann
Project ~ Camlann — the novel’s inspiration board that explores the themes of the novel

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