Series 1: The Cousins of Kilcavan

castle mackay
The entrance to Castle MacKay

Two sets of four brothers, the MacLaren and Kavanagh boys are descended from Kilcavan City’s founding families. That means you’ll likely see their last names etched into plaques on buildings, the courthouse, the university library, the hospital, the country club, and most especially the authentic Irish castle that sits smack in the middle of downtown’s Cider Park.

You’ll also notice that all eight of the Cousins, as they’re collectively known around town, are good-looking guys. Really good-looking guys. Add to that a bit of fame and fortune for three of them, and they’ve been fighting preconceptions, jealousy, prejudice and pursuit from the opposite sex since their teens.

Fortunately, these are Texas boys. They’re resourceful, loyal, dedicated, strong, tough, honorable men who stand together through good times and the not-so-good ones, and fight for what they believe in…and for love.

The Books

Vol. 1: With Honor
Wyatt MacLaren, a fifth grade teacher and high school baseball/swimming/diving coach, meets Lydia Parker, a fourth grade teacher from Minneapolis, at a conference. His openness and vitality immediately catch her interest, but it’s her sneaky humor that reels him in. Lydia is the sister of…

Vol. 2 : With Patience
Sarah Parker Lansing, a soon-to-be-divorced graphic designer, who moves in next door to Gray Kavanagh, a sixth grade teacher and Wyatt’s best friend. He’d first been intrigued by her during their dance as best man and maid of honor at Wyatt and Lydia’s wedding, but it’s not until she becomes the Girl Next Door that he truly sees her. Sarah redecorates the new home of…

Vol. 3: With Integrity
Lexie Chandler, an attorney with WJ&L, who meets Zane MacLaren, the city pathologist, during the course of one of her cases. She matches him zing for zing, both in her courtroom and his morgue, and he finds his long-standing walls starting to crack. Zane consults regularly with his cousin…

Vol. 4: With Strength
Connor Kavanagh, a sergeant with the KCPD, who reunites with his childhood sweetheart Jody McCoy, a reporter for the Dallas Herald, while she’s researching a career-making story. They say you never get over your first love, and he’s going to prove to that he’s not the only one who hasn’t forgotten. Connor’s partner, an old friend of Jody’s from New York, is…

Vol. 5: With Caution
Kat Dalton, a former NYPD cop and now Connor’s partner, who meets Julian Kavanagh, a U.S. Marshal, when they work on the kidnapping case of his niece. Their initial perceptions of each other get challenged when both put themselves — and their fragile relationship — into the line of fire. Julian often enlists the expertise of his cousin…

Vol. 6: With Truth
Sean MacLaren, a social worker for KCPS, on cases and ends up going head to head with his ex-girlfriend Di Montgomery, a fellow KCPS social worker, on a child abuse case that strikes a little too close to home for her. She always resisted relying on him, but he’ll show her that his strength is just what she needs. Sean takes Di to a Texas Rangers game to visit his cousin…

Vol. 7: With Imagination
Dale Kavanagh, the starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox and former university classmate of Ellen Wade, an advertising executive, who offers him a second chance. When he gets injured, he believes he’s nothing without baseball, and it takes her faith to show him there’s more to him than athletic talent. Ellen gets interviewed by…

Vol. 8: With Emotion
Liza O’Shea, a journalist for the Kilcavan Daily Chronicle, who meets Neal MacLaren, a writer/financier/professor, while doing historical research for the Great American Novel she wants to write. She things he’s arrogant, and he things she’s a dreamer, but they’ll discover it’s those qualities that make them a perfect match.

last updated: 13 October 2017