Day Twenty-Three, Works for Me

 Hi guys. Today was another full day. This whole having a life thing is pretty amazing. I’ll admit, there are days I reminisce about when all I did was work and go home, work and go home. Now there’s school, and papers to write, and novels to create, and churches to visit, and shelves to stain. But given the alternative, this life is definitely better. I’ve got a few resolutions I’m working on for the new year, and I hope to stick to at least one of them. What that is, well, that’s between me and my day planner. As for the novel, Chapter 31 is almost done, and then I’m finally back to where I left off in the outline. In another case of life imitating art, the story will be taking place during the same holiday that finds Sam and Beth traipsing off to Los Angeles for the reunion. Cool, huh?

Today’s word count: 549
Total NNE word count: 15,884


Day Twenty-Two’s Over Too Soon

This one’s going to be short and sweet because it’s after midnight and I’ve got to get up in time to get cleaned up for church by 9 AM. Today was full of giving more clothes to Goodwill, hanging out with mom, getting groceries and (finally!) working on my research paper. Thankfully, because of the work I’d done before, it’s basically half done. I might need to tweak it a little to get one of my thesis points in there, but then it’s on to the other temple and voila, I’m done. Of course I puttered around the house and didn’t get to writing the novel until late, and of course I struggled again. I’m not sure how much of this is an aftereffect of breaking up, but it so wasn’t good timing for someone who’s in the middle of trying to finish a romance novel. I think if I can figure out a way to get You Know Who out of my head, maybe I can write this thing again without these skimpy days. <slow, wide grin> Fortunately, I know one guy who will never let me down. He’s currently on the cover of People magazine as the Sexiest Man of the Year, and boy howdy, are they right. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if one can restore her faith in romance using Hugh Jackman as inspiration…

Today’s word count: 484
Total NNE word count: 15,335

Day Twenty-One, Tons of Fun

Well, after working a twelve hour day but successfully releasing our first build in a year, i’m officially ON VACATION. Hoo-yah! And, what’s even better is that I may actually get to be on vacation the whole two weeks and not have to go into work at all. Here’s hoping, ladies and gentlemen.

But on to the real story – the writing. It went a little better today, but I still haven’t worked on my paper at all. Ugh. It looks like Sunday is going to be Paper Day, so that I can let it sit and read over it again before turning it in. Hopefully Mom can read it too, and then it’s only the novel. I do have to say, it’s been nice reconnecting with Sam and Beth these last three weeks. It sure doesn’t feel like it’s been that long; November has just flown by and Christmas is just around the corner. I’m still hoping to get a completed first draft to Valerie by then, but never having written anything this long before, I have no way of knowing how long it’ll take to get there. Think I should write to Santa and ask for a little extra help? You never know… =)

Today’s word count: 418
Total NNE word count: 14,851

Day Twenty, Words Aplenty?

Okay, so not a plethora of words but a few. Today was just as bonkers as yesterday. I spent the day getting nothing and a lot done at the same time, and the last two hours were a crazy rush to get web updates done for the board meeting in two weeks. Ugh! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be the only one who works on something, especially when you need to go in to work a couple of days during your time off to process the updates before December 4th. At least I can go in comfy and in cognito, and stay and work on stuff that’s not work-related. Heh. I just wish I could crank the iPod too but I think that’d bug everyone else in the office when John Mayer blasts out of my office… <finger snap equivalent of “shucks”>

I am so looking forward to starting my vacation, which begins only after we do the First Responder release at 6 PM tomorrow night. I’m so going to need a beer and some Irish nachos at Opal Divine’s after that… no way I’m beginning my PTO by merely going home. Probably have to go solo, as everyone else has families to get home to. Oh well. Watch out, fellas. Here Comes Nikki!

Today’s word count: 311
Total NNE word count: 14,433

Day Nineteen – Far From Serene

Hi everyone. Well, I knew two months ago that November was going to be a bear of a time, even before I knew I was going to be doing NaNoWriMo. I worked an extra two-and-a-half hours to day (ugh) then I had errands to run (at least gas is cheaper now, $1.86 – woo hoo!). Now that I’ve done what I need to do, I’m wearing down fast.

One of the things I’m noticing about writing every day is I actually remember what is happening in the story from writing session to writing session. (I know, imagine that.) Sure, I might still leave myself little notes if I want to make sure a particular detail is remembered for the next day. I mean I do sleep in between, and that’s been known to clear out the cobwebs once in a while. LOL. I’m really looking forward to next week when I’m on vacation and I can write in fits and starts during the day and maybe go to bed on time. Of course, I absolutely HAVE to finish my Art History paper this weekend. Ashley and the rest of my drama friends who are in Bacchae are going to be upset with me, because I have a feeling I’m going to have to miss the show because I need to work. I’ll make it up somehow, someday…

Today’s word count: 667
Total NNE word count: 14,122

Day Eighteen’s Kinda “Super Green”

Okay, so I stole part of the title from “The Fifth Element,” but it’s still true. Today flew by at work, and in between work and school, and at school, and at home and after that. This whole starting to write at 10PM thing is tough. If I didn’t have such a busy day I think I could get more accomplished. Tomorrow I’m off work at the usual time — if I don’t stay late to help get the imaging backfile caught up (we have to be done by December and that’s not that far away). I already have to stay late at work on Friday night to do a release, and will likely skip dinner. I might get some writing in that night though, since the applications I need to do backfile will be down and I can’t work on that. I guess we’ll see, huh?

Today’s word count: 241
Total NNE word count: 13,455

Day Seventeen, Kinda Keen

Howdy! Today’s kind of flown by, what with work, Weight Watchers and a late therapy session. So of course that limits the time for writing tonight. But, I got two more pages done and I like where it ended. Sometimes all it takes is a different direction and things work out better. Here’s hoping that soon those words of wisdom apply to my non-fictional life.

Today’s word count: 556
Total NNE word count: 13,214