Day Thirty: The Last Day’s Gone Away

Okay, everyone, that’s it! It’s officially after midnight, and Nik’s NaNoWriMo Experiment is now complete. Well, I had a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t actually get the rest of the book written in a month, but I’m darn proud I accomplished as much as I did. All this work taught me a lot of things, and I’m much farther along than I would have been had I not done NNE. As of tonight, I wrote five chapters this month, and that’s the most I’ve written in the same time period since the first word of the novel was put to the page. So although Auntie Valerie and her book club will have to wait a little while longer before they get the full version, I consider the experiment successful as I wrote every day and didn’t feel obligated to do so but rather looked forward to it.

So thanks to NaNoWriMo for amping up my writing, and to Valerie as always for her support and love. Talk to you guys soon, and Happy Holidays!!

Today’s word count: 947
Final NNE word count: 21,346


Day Twenty-Nine, Almost the Deadline

Just today and tomorrow and the Experiment is done. It seems like it was just last week that I started this project, and here I am almost 24 hours from the end. Wow. I think I’ve even written the most words tonight as well. Perhaps that’s because I’m “getting to the good stuff” as one might say, where the real conflict will happen and we see what happens when things don’t go so well for our hero and heroine. Ooops – did I just give something away? =] Well, those of you who read romances of any kind pretty much know the formula: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. It’s just the road one navigates through each of these scenarios that makes the stories unique, and I like to think mine’s right up there with the most interesting.

Today’s word count: 1,434
Total NNE word count: 20,399

Day Twenty-Eight, Just Another Date

Will you look at that, only two more days in the month of November. How time flies, this month especially. So much done, and so much more that could have been done. You know how you have grand plans for how you’re going to spend your days, and they so don’t go like you thought? Yep, that’s this month to a T. Writing included. But I have at least proven something to myself – I can write every day and can make time for it outside of slow days at work. Hopefully I’ll get caught up with everything around the house (!) and I can find more time for writing than cleaning and all that other icky house maintenance stuff we all have to do…

Today’s word count: 836
Total NNE word count: 18,965

Day Twenty-Seven, Dinner was Heaven!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Well, I hate to say it but I didn’t find too much time to write today. I turned on the laptop and Mom & Dad’s for a little bit and worked some, but then it was time for our annual game of Holiday Scrabble (Dad won the first round, and I the second with a 90-point score using JAWS-SUCKS on a triple word score). Even Grandpa played. Then came the turkey, Mom’s stuffing and gravy (and not that icky cornbread stuff the insist on down here, but good, old-fashioned giblet kind), garlic mashed potatoes, cream corn casserole, cranberries and a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. Very traditional, and very VERY yummy. I’m now very well loaded with leftovers, both from today and all the cooking I’ve done this week so far. I have Ziplock tubs full of potato soup, chili and now Turkey Day goodies. Sigh – here’s hoping the scale is nice to me on Monday when my Weigh In comes due… =]

Today’s word count: 422
Total NNE word count: 18,129

Day Twenty-Six, Nothing Amiss

Okay, it’s official, I really need to start writing earlier in the day. But with all this free time, I want to do all kinds of fun stuff in addition to the writing, and time just flies by. Take this morning, for example. Two hours just zoomed while I cleaned out my closet of all the last remaining stuff that’s too big for me. Yay to that. Then I did a little online looking around for the redo of my office, and of course you have to find time to eat in there. I made potato soup again tonight (sooooo good) and still the writing didn’t start until late. Hopefully I’ll fall asleep fast and I won’t be late to Mom’s house to watch the parade tomorrow…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Today’s word count: 684
Total NNE word count: 17,707

(P.S. – there’s a good chance tomorrow’s post will be really really late depending on when I get home from Turkey Day festivities, so stay tuned!)

Day Twenty-Five, Five-By-Five

Okay, I’m sure you figured out already that the post from really early this morning was named wrong. Oops! I blame it on the late nights, and the fact that I don’t have a calendar hanging within eyeshot. But the good news is that I turned in my completed and (if I say so myself) well-written research paper at 1:15 this afternoon. Mom says it sounds very scholarly, and that’s coming from a professed art history lover and art major too. LOL.

I’ve also heard back from Auntie Valerie on the new chapter, and it’s always wonderful fun to hear how much she enjoys the pages I send her. She’s even mentioned her reading club again wanting to review the novel so far. The question: should I wait and have it reviewed when they have the whole story, or let them do what’s complete so far? Ah, the dilemma of a writer. Have I mentioned how much I like calling myself that? :D

Today’s word count: 599
Total NNE word count: 17,023

Day Twenty-Four, Wrote A Little More

Hi, y’all. I know you’ve been wondering what happened to me, since it’s technically Tuesday that I’m writing this post. But I have great news: I finished my research paper (with the exception of the closing paragraph as I wanted it to rest before I added it) and I finished Chapter 31 to boot! Yay! The best part is that Chapter 32 takes me back to where I left off in my original outline, and the way 31 ended is sure to make that whole situation very, very interesting.

So, those two deeds completed, I’m off to get some sleep and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. I mean, later today. ‘Night!

Today’s word count: 540
Total NNE word count: 16,424