NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 10

typewriterladyGood evening, my fellow writers and wrimos! It’s November 10th, and we’re one third of the way through this crazy adventure we call National Novel Writing Month. It’s been a pretty awesome day on my end. Although I had to go to work today, I knew it was going to be a short day due to the early release our organization usually has the day before a company holiday. I arrived to find the perfect parking spot waiting for me, one on the front row next to the stairs so that one side of my Bullitt Mustang would be protected. Okay, yes, I had to repark a couple of times until I was satisfied with my positioning in the spot, but that’s old news, LOL.

I also had a planned lunch write-in with my friend and fellow NaNo-er Kelly, and when the hour was done, I’d clocked in 1,182 words when I hadn’t had any idea where I was going to start going in. Not to mention my meal itself was a tasty one — leftover ‘boom-boom’ enchiladas from my favorite Tex-Mex place with a bit of green chile rice and refried beans on the side.

For a moment I thought my day of good karma would be derailed by absolutely awful traffic at 2:30 p.m.; it took me way too long to get where I was going and I started to get frustrated. All was forgiven, however, when I got to the store and found not one but both things I’d been hoping to find, and both were on a major sale to boot.

With another errand to run, I headed back into traffic and once again the congestion that is Austin reared its head and I puttered along. Exasperated, I finally reached my exit and left the highway, and a closing store sign caught my eye. Never one to pass up a sale, especially at an OfficeMax where magical things like notebooks and pens and other goodies lived, I stopped in. After an hour wheeling around the rapidly shrinking store, I came away with at least one thing I truly needed: a nifty bluetooth mouse (aka no USB that would take up a spot I might need later) for my spiffy new laptop upon which I am writing this very blog post.

Friends, I can tell you that was the best impulse buy to date. This little mouse is slick and smooth and even though the online reviews said I couldn’t turn off my laptop’s touch pad when using an external mouse, guess what? I can! So as I began this evening’s writing session, I was in such a good place I added another 2,270 words to my count.

lunareclipseoctober2014What a day!

I also really enjoyed what I was writing today, especially the bits about eclipses and comets and astral events. You see, each of these are needed in order to break my character’s curse, and it was fun seeing how his lady reacted when learning of all the pertinent details. When I started writing this story way back in 2014, the lunar eclipse in question hadn’t yet occurred so I couldn’t include a nifty picture of it like the one here. Now, though, there’s all kinds of info on it that I can use in my story to add those details that just make it a much richer story.

So I leave you tonight a happy gal for many reasons. I’m further ahead in my word count that I’ve ever been in all my years of doing NaNo. Because I didn’t quit with my lunch session due to being already ahead in the word count, I now get to watch my Blu-ray of “Star Trek: Beyond” I picked up at Target as my reward. On top of that, tomorrow’s Veterans Day and a holiday for us, which means I get to sleep in late before picking up Mom for some breakfast and then an extra day of pottery class.

Not a bad place to be, huh?

Speaking of Veterans Day, thank you to all those who are currently serving or have served in our armed forced, including my grandfather. GO NAVY!



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