NaNoWriMo2016 Day 8

rhyslatchedbookHere we are again, my wrimos, and it’s been a much more successful day. Today I met once again with my wrimo friend Kelly, and we had a very productive lunch writing session. I managed to get more than halfway to the 1,667 needed for the day, and that one hour’s work surpassed the count I’d had from my entire writing session the night before. Tonight I returned once more to my favorite diner, ordered myself a grilled cheese and fries (the perfect meal for a rainy, chilly night) and finished up my scene in a couple of hours.

The fact that I was back up in the twenty three hundred range that is my usual, rather than the wimpy eleven hundred words I barely managed last night, clued me in to a couple of things. Firstly, my binge watching television while writing perhaps isn’t as good an idea as it has been in the past. Second, listening to my novel playlist is the best way to get any choral songs rumbling around in my brain to go away. Third, finding a good place to hide out for a while and write, especially one where you’re a regular and the staff knows you so you don’t feel guilty for hogging a booth for the night, is a great alternative to home.

So I leave you for the night with my word count at 17, 861, and that puts me almost three days ahead. It also temporarily puts me ahead of my bestie Meagan as well, so I think that’s a mighty fine note on which to end my day.



Author: Nikki

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  1. Well, when I get in the groove, yes I can hit nice high word counts. Other times, I am lucky if I reach 1000. Sometimes it helps to write in multiple sessions or sprints so that you have time to recharge. I’m sure you’ll get there!

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