NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 4

snoopywoodstocktypewriterGood evening, wrimos! It’s been another successful day at Chez Nikki, with a word count for today once again over 3,200. It’s quite a good feeling to keep going even though you have completed one goal because that next one is so close that it would take very little time to reach it. Thus it was with me today. I’d already surpassed today’s count of 8,335 yesterday, and after finishing the scene I’d written I was only a few hundred away from the next big goal. My best friend Meagan had already hit over 11, 000 and boy did I want to catch up.

So instead of giving in, I opened a new document in Scrivener, added a title and kept going. The result? I am now up over — are you ready? — 12,000 words, and on day five no less. I am pretty sure I’ve not written that much this early in the almost seven years I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo. Yet here I am.

I also did it all without one bite of chocolate, even though I was craving a box of Milk Duds like you wouldn’t believe. Fortunately, I got my caffeine fix via the Diet Coke I ordered with my take out, and a couple hours later, here I am with this amazing word count total.

So I’m off to bed (it’s about 20 minutes to midnight here in still muggy and still warm Texas) because I’m singing in the choir at both of tomorrow’s church services, and I need to be up at the crack of dawn. Considering I just now remembered that I also need to set my clocks back an hour, I think bedtime is a bit overdue.

Thus I leave you a happy writer, if a slightly tired one. Successful writing to you, my wrimo lovlies!

Author: Nikki

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