NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 2 Update

snoopyandthetardisHello again, wrimos! Well, turns out I was still inspired from my earlier writing session at the office, and after installing some downloads and checking out a post or many on Facebook, I managed to crank out another writing session tonight just before the clock strikes midnight. Which means that when I start my writing session tomorrow at lunch, I’m all caught up in my word counts and even a teeny bit ahead of the game.

Here’s to not giving in to that little voice in your head that said, “you already wrote enough today, you don’t need to do any more” and telling it “yes, I wrote today, but who says we can’t write some more?” We’ll see how long today stands as my most productive, having clocked in 3,558 words in 6 hours. Okay yeah sure, I could have written more had I not surfed in between thoughts or not paid attention to the television show I was half-binge watching in the background. But the point was to catch up to my daily goal, and in that I succeeded.

As always, don’t forget to check my new widget in the left menu for the progress I’ve made and my comment on the day. Talk to you soon, wrimos!

Author: Nikki

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