NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 2 Report

NaNoWriMoWizardOkay, yes, technically it’s November 3rd, but since I had a long, busy, tiring day yesterday I chose not to write so that makes today my Day 2. Yesterday’s surplus also helped out a little when playing catch up this evening, and I did manage to go a little beyond that necessary second day total. That means I’ll still be behind tomorrow, unless when I get home from the office (which is where I spent my writing time tonight) I decide to put in a little more work. You never know with me. Sometimes I just blow it off, and sometimes I surprise myself and say, “why not, let’s keep going!”

I’ll have a lunch writing session tomorrow with wrimo pal Kel, since today’s planned session was sidelined by the call of chicken enchiladas with boom-boom sauce and stuffed avocados. I’ll also have another session with my other wrimo and BFF Meagan, and since we’re going to my neighborhood diner, I bet we can camp out and stay there until they kick us out. If need be, I will get as many orders of french fries as it takes to keep the table. Theirs are fabulous, and hey, I do what I can.

Well, although the cleaning crew left the lights on for me because they actually saw me hiding out back here in my corner cubicle, someone else just turned them out. I guess that’s a sign I should head for home, huh?

Don’t forget to check my new widget in the left menu for the progress I’ve made and my comment on the day. Talk to you soon, wrimos!


Author: Nikki B.

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