Good Decisions Pay Off

Snoopy Happy Dance
‘Cause I’m happeeeeeeee!

Hello! I sit here writing this post today a happy girl. You see, my decision of yesterday to abandon my initial NaNoWriMo 2015 project turned out to be a good one. In one day alone, I’ve written 2,315 words on Camlann, and it felt good. I liked reconnecting with these characters I’d never really forgotten, and I liked jumping right into the action, picking up where I’d left off. Even more fun was talking out a bit of a scene with Meagan; I’m sure our conversation confused our neighbor at the library, what with the talk of which was worse, a broken wrist flopping around or a knife to the gut. (It was a fight scene, and the gruesome was necessary for the scene but also ended up being foreshadowing that I didn’t realize I’d done until I’d written it.)

All in all, the first session at the library and the second at La Madeleine made for a productive day. I also realized that in all the prior writing sessions I was missing one ingredient: my small stuffed Snoopy who is, at this moment, keeping me company as he sits on the upper left hand corner of my laptop. I won’t say he’s the reason I did so well, but I do think he helped make a difference as a good luck charm.

As I have a bit of laundry still to do tonight that I’d left sitting in the washer all day while I was out and about, I might even bump that word count up a few more notches. Stay tuned!

Today’s Word Count: 2,315

Word Count to Date: 9,382

Writing Time Today: 4.5 hours, give or take

Current Feeling: Pleased and happy…and warm, now that I’ve turned on the heater for the first time this fall.

Motivation/Inspiration: Reconnecting with my characters and caring about the story I’m writing.

Biggest Triumph: Being excited about the story and looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Biggest Setback: The ambient noise both at the library and the restaurant. One can only turn one’s headphones up so far, and when even that doesn’t drown out the noise, it becomes a distraction.

Insights: Even though I’ve been known to abandon one project to work on another over the years, this time it feels good. I’m not worrying so much about winning NaNoWriMo anymore, but rather just writing. If I happen to make the 50k (either including the earlier 7k from Homecoming or on is own), BONUS!


Author: Nikki B.

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2 thoughts on “Good Decisions Pay Off”

  1. That’s fantastic. ANd don’t you love it when those moments happen when you write something, and then *afterwards* you find out what it was about?
    Steve the Stuffed Bear says hi to Snoopy.

  2. Yes it was. It’s been slow going ever since, but I think it’ll pick up as I slog through this odd middle section. Yes, that’s the best kind!
    Snoopy says, Hello! back.

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