NaNoWriMo Novel Switch

Reese Llywellyn, aka Sir Rhys (Greyston Holt, Clayton Danvers from “Bitten”). I imagine him saying, "It's about time you got back to my story."
Reese Llywellyn, aka Sir Rhys (actor Greyston Holt, aka Clayton Danvers on SYFY’s “Bitten”). I imagine him saying, “It’s about time you got back to my story.”

If you caught my tweet from earlier today, you already know the jist of this post. So far, it’s been an interesting week. I started NaNoWriMo on Sunday writing Frankie’s story in a back booth of my local diner-esque hangout while freezing my fern off and wearing a tiara (and no, there are no photos of this phenomenon). My observant teen waitress discovered I’d left my writing mascot Mars the horse on the top of the napkin dispenser and returned him to me, so I didn’t have to wonder where he’d gone.

Monday introduced a new element, write-in lunch hours with a co-worker who herself is a NaNo veteran. I like this option, as it gets me writing at lunch and also adds the social aspect that is nice with other write-ins I’ve been to. That first day the lunch word count was pretty decent, so I thought I was golden.

Until Thursday came around and I was suddenly over my story.

The word count definitely tells the tale. As the week went by, my word count came in lower and lower each day, although at the time I attributed that to chatting too much. Then, on Thursday I got a lunch invite from my work BFF who will be going on maternity leave next Friday, and I didn’t even blink as I abandoned my write-in lunch to go out for enchiladas. To make matters worse, I’ve got a new obsession in bullet journaling brought on by my Michigan friend (I’ll say more on this later when I’m not supposed to be making word count goals) and I spent Thursday night prepping my new journal instead of flipping open my laptop and racking up the totals.

The fact that I could, at most, give a casual shoulder shrug that I wasn’t writing Frankie’s story told me I should perhaps rethink what I’m working on.

I think I knew last night what I planned on doing, as I’d already stuffed the necessary notebooks for last year’s “Curse of Camlann” into my tote to take with me today. After the car ride in and a chat with Meagan, it was official. Frankie’s on hiatus as I revisit Reese and his curse once again.

Fortunately for me, I’d printed out all chapters to date for an editing session some time ago — boy, are some of those pages RED — so I can read through the pages immediately preceding my pick up point to resume the story. That means I’ll be throwing myself right into the action as my hero, Reese, is about to put the hurt on the ex-husband of his lady. Even though he’s an immortal knight of Camelot and will conduct himself honorably, if the ex starts fighting dirty, it’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong.

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  1. So much drama! Lol. Good luck with your novel switch! Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go where the passion takes you. Sounds like you made the right move.

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