More Words About Plot, and Halloween

typewriterladyHello, world! It’s almost the end of October, and this year I can say I’m looking forward to Halloween for the first time since… well, since I was last able to fit into my Supergirl costume. I received two separate invites from two different friends to attend their parties, and much to the surprise of those friends (and me), I accepted! This Saturday I’ll be learning how to play bunco while wearing an Italian commedia del’arte mask (costumes are optional, and my “zombie meatballs” are a cinch to whip up). On the 30th, I’ll either be decked out in my original planned costume of SSR agent Peggy Carter (provided the exchange for the most important piece of the costume comes in time: her iconic red hat) or my standard backup costume of a toddler with pigtails and teddy bear.

I can pretty much guarantee that no matter which costume I’m sporting, or how many games of pool I win, or how much pizza and beer I will consume, the fact that National Novel Writing Month begins the next morning will never truly be far from my mind. Especially since my hostess of the evening is also doing the competition with me.

Happily, I can report that after a little bit of internet research and a trip to the library, I found some plot advice that is working wonderfully. In fact, it’s so useful that I can use it not only for my two main characters, but also for the lesser characters as well. Then I can put it all on index cards (or post-its or what-have-you), then arrange everything in a timeline. From there, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble filling in the rest of the scenes. Heck, I might even temporarily become a “pantser” and let the whims of the characters dictate the scenes as I’m writing.

It’ll be interesting to see who wins out, the “planner” that is so very me, or the “pantser” that is whispering to give her a chance.


Author: Nikki B.

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