A Word About Plot

My comic book hero for the day, Marvel's Black Widow
Me, as my comic book hero for the day, Marvel’s Black Widow

I don’t know how your day is going, but mine’s been pretty freaky, and it ain’t even Friday. So far, the least stressful thing that’s happened was logging into Facebook and seeing that friends were changing their profile photos for 24 hours to fill Facebook with comic book heroes to support Childhood Cancer Awareness (go to my Facebook page for more info). Well, okay, I’m also getting to go to Chuy’s for lunch and some comfort food, but that’s nothing unusual in my world.

Procrastinating on my NaNoPrep because I can’t wrap my head around a good plot? Well, that’s definitely a new twist.

See, I had this whole other post started, updating you guys on my NaNoPrep progress to date, with multiple bullet lists all leading up to the one thing I was missing. But after like 10 saves and revisions, that thing had gotten really long winded and even I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. So I scrapped it.

So I pose this question: how do you guys flesh out your plots for your novels?

This always seems to be the thing that bogs me down, and yeah, perhaps it’s that whole planner thing working against me. I like having an outline to follow, even if while writing the characters or situations deviate from it. I know that my characters should drive the plot, rather than me contorting them into random or ridiculous situations to fit where I originally intended them to go.

I’ve even been known to keep a plot bunny or two that hopped across my path, but they were very, very tiny bunnies.

My last two NaNo novels have been fantasy novels with a subplot of romance thrown in, which interestingly made them easier to plot. This time around, it’s the romance that’s taking the drivers seat. While I’ve had some pretty decent scenes popping into my head, they’re all over the place. As a result, I haven’t quite been able to figure out how to start getting the plot shaped into a nice cohesive thing I can work with.

I’ve got a worksheet printed out that I found from a web search, and I’m hoping Meagan can find the worksheets we used a couple years ago. Aside from that, I am kind of floundering plot-wise. Granted, I’ve got some time, so I’m not in panic mode quite yet.

In the meantime, I have been successful with a couple of fun things: a) creating my novel’s cover and b) writing up the synopsis. The image in the background is the view from my main character Frankie’s late father’s back door, looking out on Wild Horse Canyon at the edge of the fictional town in which the story is set. To read more, simply click on the image.

Working Title for NNWM 2015 novel: Frankie's Homecoming
Working Title for NNWM 2015 novel: Frankie’s Homecoming

Hopefully my next post will be chock full of plot goodness! *crossing fingers*


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2 thoughts on “A Word About Plot”

  1. There are various things I do along the process of plotting a story; it depends on what stage I’m at. If I’m stuck at having a mess of ideas but no solid plot line, I’ll put all the ideas down somewhere and start asking questions about what I’m missing. Why would this work this way? Why can’t she just go do that instead? How will this important plot point come about? Then often have to set it aside and go on with other activities, mentally brainstorming the whole time, and writing down everything that comes up. Sometimes, it’s not until I start to write the actual outline that I flesh out some parts, because I don’t know anything’s missing until I’m trying to be more specific with my planning.

    And sometimes, a gap in my plot never really gets filled in until I’m writing the story and get to that part. By then I know more about my characters and the events leading up to the gap, and if I’m lucky, the answer will be staring me in the face.

    Not sure if any of this helps your current situation or not, but good luck with your planning!

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