Nik’s 2015 Resolutions

WritingOkay, I wasn’t originally going to do a resolutions post this year. I am one of those people who creates a resolutions list, because hey I love lists of all kinds, and then ends up falling on her face when it comes to meeting them all. So I was perfectly content to just have my Writing Plan and sit back and see how everything else piled up around it. Then my friend Kate had to go and post her resolutions list along with her hubby’s tradition for it, and suggest I give it a try in addition to being her writing buddy for the year.

At first, I thought, “One resolution for each year I’ve been alive? WOW. That’s a lot of resolutions to write down.” I’ve been around a lot longer than Kate, twice as long in fact, and after futzing with it for a while I realized any kind of list that long would be a bit repetitive or kind of lame just to make the numbers. Then I realized I could do my list my way. It didn’t have to be intimidating or daunting, but rather full of the things I want to do this year anyway, or had enjoyed doing last year. Maybe then it’s possible to have a realistic list that inspires me instead of one that’s impossible to accomplish and makes me feel like a complete dolt.

I think it’s simple but substantial, and it covers those things that are important to me. So here they are!

1. Write, Write, Write!

This is the biggie for this year. I want to finish The Curse of Camlann that I started during NaNo, and not just so I can go to Vegas when it’s done. I really want to see how the story progresses, and not a few friends have said they’d love to read it. My friend’s husband even remarked during lunch yesterday how passionate I was when talking about my writing. There’s no better motivation than that, because he’s absolutely right. Not to mention all the reward ideas that I’ve been adding on Pinterest so I have a nice visual of my Writing Plan goals.

writeblockAlso included here is attending Camp NaNoWriMo with Kate (and whomever else I can con into it) in April and July, with hopes of finishing COC or perhaps another project, say The Great Boyfriend Experiment that’s so close to being finished. Then it’ll be on to last year’s Shifters and whatever else I can work on in the next twelve months. My meetups with my bestie M will also fit here, where we spend Sundays writing at the library.

Lastly for this category will be things like finishing character profiles for other stories, importing miscellany into Scrivener for pending projects, and attending a writer-oriented program or conference or meeting of some kind. That last one will be a first for me, as even though I’ve been a member of the Writers League of Texas since I was in college, I’ve never gone to a meeting. How silly is that?

2. Stay Crafty

This one’s all about the non-writing things I enjoy, like making charm bracelets and other jewelry, completing a cross stitch project, my pottery class at the local community college and those miscellaneous craft projects I’ve been pinning on Pinterest for a while now. They’re fun and interesting and new, and help keep my mind active not to mention my hands. They’re nice little side projects for the days the writing just isn’t flowing or for when I just need a break. The pottery class itself kicks off my Saturdays starting later this month, and I have a ton of ideas already running through my head that I need to get down on paper. I also have quite a few charm bracelets in various stages, and I’m looking forward to seeing how those all turn out.

3. Be More Social

FriendsThis is a little trickier for me, as so many of my friends are not single like I am and therefore don’t have as much free time as little ol’ me. Yet, this doesn’t have to be hard. I’m hoping it will include things like hosting a Girls Night Movie (and/or Game) Night; taking a road trip to my favorite charity Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, TX; taking a tour with a bunch of my girlfriends to new or favorite wineries; and a road trip up to Fort Worth to visit my bestie K and maybe take in a Stars game.

I’ll also still be going to church and hanging with my church and choir peeps, and of course bugging my work friends to go out to lunch. Fortunately, going out to movies at the theater also falls into this category, and I have a few friends and a mom who will take me up on those offers quite often. I might even toss in a trip or two to visit friends out of state while I’m at it, who knows?

4. Get Healthier

Talk about your difficult goals. Eating healthy is hard when it’s just so easy to just grab something on the way home or when you forget what you wanted to bring because you ran late and dashed off without it. I’m hoping that the kitchen remodel I have planned for late spring/early summer will help me prepare more meals á la cuisine. I also HATE exercising and get nothing out of it whatsoever except relief that it’s over, so that makes it that much harder to get moving. But, I could stand to shed some (read: a lot) of the weight gained in 2014 and without eating healthier that’ll never happen. So this one gets a list:

  1. Remodel the kitchen!
  2. Make actual meals for dinner twice a week instead of “grazing” the pantry. This includes crock pot meals on Sunday for the rest of the week.
  3. Try a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks/clippings and save the ones I like and pitch the rest.
  4. Bring a healthy lunch to work at least once a week, and actually consume it. Twice would be better!
  5. Make better choices when eating out (halving portions, grilled vs. fried, etc.).
  6. Walk more, when the weather’s nice.

5. Be Happier

Happy MinionsOh, yeah, file this under tough to do, too. On my worst days, little things can throw me into a tailspin and my impatience meter red-lines. At my best, though, I can sail through the day with a smile and maybe even a song. That being said, it works well to numerate these in black and white. So this one gets a list, too:

  1. Write, because we already know it makes me happy.
  2. Do something crafty at least once a month (without waiting until the end of the month to squeeze it in).
  3. Treat myself to a movie in a theater once a month using my reward gift cards.
  4. Be more positive.
  5. Read at least 50 books in 2015. That’s only five more than 2014, and I’m planning on half of them being new titles not previously read. There will be a Pinterest board to track the titles (like you didn’t guess that already).

Okay, well, I think that about does it for tackling 2015. Stay tuned as I’ll be reporting in on how it’s going, especially with the writing, as that’s why I first created this blog way back when. Here’s to all of us, whether you’ve written an official list of resolutions or not, accomplishing what we’ve set out to do in the new year!


Author: Nikki B.

IT Ops Girl Friday by day, wannabe Writer by night who's attempting to finish just one of her many novels. Follow the saga on Wordpress!

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  1. These are fantastic resolutions! I love how you made them purely for your own happiness and made sure they are all realistic. Hopefully this helps you come out of 2015 on top of everything! Also, if you do stumble upon any good recipes, you should share them! (At least with me, because I can’t cook, and one of my resolutions is to learn!)

  2. I will definitely share recipes I find, Kate. I think at one point I’d considered starting a separate foodie blog, so I might have to revisit that. :)

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