Catching Up is My New Thing

writeblockHello, world! I’ve been on PTO from work since Monday, thus my being able to crank out the word count as I did earlier this week to get all caught up. Yesterday, Mom and I headed to school so I could get a head start on what I’d left behind from last week’s class since I won’t have one this week because campus is closed for the holiday. We had a blast — it was just the two of us for almost the entire three hours of class time — and then went and had lunch, followed by a little shopping. We had a little while in between that and church later on, and while I did consider sneaking in some word count, I gave myself a break and relaxed instead.

So today finds me once more behind in the word count. I really prefer when Thanksgiving falls a week earlier in the month; it makes that last week’s push a whole lot easier! Thanks to my persistent kitty, though, I was able to get up a little early this morning and put in some time on my story. Another 2500 words down, and I’ll be in good shape for tomorrow after the movies with my friend.

Wow, when did I get so social? *smile*

Today’s Word Count: 2,522

Word Count to Date: 44,264

Writing Time Today: 3 hours

Current Feeling: Gratitude, of course!

Motivation/Inspiration: Getting anything written today so it’s nice and calm the rest of the weekend. I really want to post my 50,000 before Sunday, even if it is just by one day.

Biggest Triumph: Persevering even though I know I probably should have quit once I got my daily total because I really need to be over at Mom’s helping with the preparations. Fortunately, she’s very understanding!

Biggest Setback: Needing to research a couple of things for today’s scene, so that meant Google searching interrupted the writing flow.

Insights: None for today.

That’s all for now, Wrimos. Here’s wishing all my American brethren a Happy Thanksgiving, and to those of you elsewhere in the world, have a superb Thursday!


Author: Nikki B.

IT Ops Girl Friday by day, wannabe Writer by night who's attempting to finish just one of her many novels. Follow the saga on Wordpress!

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  1. You’re almost there! I cannot wait to see that winner banner posted on your site! Have a great, relaxing Thanksgiving and a productive writing weekend!

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