NaNoWriMo Day 15: Green

The late Heath Ledger as William in "A Knight's Tale"
The late Heath Ledger as William in “A Knight’s Tale”

Happy Saturday, Wrimos! I hope many if not all of you got your goals accomplished today. Myself, I did great. Yep, guess who’s caught up her word count and is even a teeny bit head for tomorrow? ME. That means I’m back in the green.

*breathes a huge sigh of relief*

It feels good to know that I am caught up, that the writing went really smoothly and there were no moments of “okay I have no idea what comes next.” What’s next for me post-writing is most likely a viewing of “A Knight’s Tale” starring the late Heath Ledger. That’s what happens when you’ve just written a jousting scene and you have snippets of the Battle of Rouen skimming through your brain. Go ahead, I dare you. Write a scene about a joust and tell me that you have no desire to watch that movie afterward. :)

Today’s Word Count: 3,075

Word Count to Date: 25,394

Writing Time Today: 3.75 hours

Current Feeling: Relief!

Motivation: Hitting that 25,000 mark right on schedule (and that’s sched-ule with an English accent) as I was supposed to and knowing there’s that much less pressure tomorrow when it’s time to write after a fun-filled day of hanging out with my bestie M celebrating her birthday.

Inspiration: Having a good day in ceramics class, and also having a lunch consisting of a wonderfully tasty burger and piping hot and crispy french fries. These things set the right mood for my writing sessions today.

Biggest Triumph: See aforementioned word count.

Biggest Setback: A kitty who had a tendency to want to walk across my lapdesk in between my keyboard and me, causing me to write a few things like 000000000000000000 now and again. *chuckle* She’s now curled up besides me, as I had since figured out all that attention meant “feed me!”

Insights: I’m still having a little trouble getting to the point as far as moving the story along. It’s taking me three scenes instead of one to get to the plot point I thought I was going to write. For a competition like NaNo, this isn’t all bad, as hello! word count. Later on though, it might bite me in the butt during the editing process. When’s NaNoEdMo again, if there is even such a thing? *smile*

That’s it for me, lords and ladies. I’ll catch you tomorrow after some much needed sleep and a day of fun.


Author: Nikki B.

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  1. Congrats on getting ahead! That’s fantastic! As always – unrelated, A Knight’s Tale is my favorite movie. I’m digging all these taste similarities. :) Keep up the great work!

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