NaNoWriMo Day 2: Whew!

Knight from the Bristol RF; image (C) BRF 2012 (thanks Google search)
Knight from the Bristol Ren Faire; image (C) BRF 2012 (thanks Google search)

Well, lords and ladies, it’s day two of NaNoWriMo, and my first day of writing. What, you exclaim, you didn’t write ANYTHING yesterday? To you I reply, nope, not a word.

You see, the planner that I am had it all worked out. I’d go to pottery class Saturday morning and then head over to the office afterward since it’s five minutes away from campus. Smart, right? No distractions, so I’d get a lot done. Yet, come Saturday afternoon I realized I’d forgotten one very important thing–the keys to my office that were at that moment at home where I’d forgotten them.

To make matters worse, even though I did have 95% of what I needed already transcribed into Scrivener, I’d left both my official NaNoWriMo notebook and the spiral that had the ONLY COPY OF MY PLOT in it on my desk at work.

*whimpering and stomping of feet ensues*

So I called Mom (because who else are you going to call, really?) and declared I was coming over to show her my newest glazed bowls I’d just picked up. As we sat on her front stoop, I brought up the situation and she commiserated with me (she’s a good mom) and offered a suggestion that was later seconded by M: why don’t I count the two curses I’d written late Friday evening as my Day One word count so I wouldn’t start at zero? Because at the time, it had been the first day of November somewhere.

Boy, I have brilliant people in my life.

The extremely relaxed me thought that sounded great, so I went home and relaxed some more and planned out my Sunday. Thus nary a word did I type into Scrivener or put to paper with pen or dictate into my phone until this morning. I have to say, the time change helped immensely because I both went to bed and woke up much earlier than usual, so I could get my butt down to the office and get a running start on the day’s word count before meeting M later on.

So guess who’s now not only met the word count total expected after Day 2 but is a few words ahead of the game? Yep, that’d me me. I haven’t even started my second session yet either. Take that, O Mighty Word Count! I’ll be keeping track of my progress at the bottom of my NaNo update posts and also on the related widget in my nifty slide out sidebar. I’m also tweeting a little more too.

I hope the rest of you are doing well, newbies and oldies alike. Onward ho!

Today’s word count: 2,967
Total word count: 3,400


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