I’ve Issued Myself A Flash Fiction Challenge

screamingwomanHappy Friday, everyone! After being challenged by M a couple weeks ago, and enjoying writing that short story, I started following the Terrible Mind’s blog that started it off. Moments ago this week’s flash fiction challenge arrived in my inbox. Rather than having my “aaaaahhh!” reaction from last time, it was more like “hmmmmmm” in a good way. As before, here’s the rules from TerribleMinds.com (click here for the actual post):

“Tweet the word “inventory” to this particular Twitter bot — @YouAreCarrying — it will tweet back at you a randomized list of inventory items, taken, I believe, from old Infocomm games…Take all the items listed in the response tweet (your “inventory”) and use them all — in some way, oblique, abstract or overt — in a flash fiction. We’ll up the word count to 2000 words for this one.”

So using my handy @nixdesk Twitter account, I did as told and here’s what I now have in my inventory:


All things considered, it’s a pretty reasonable inventory that can apply to a variety of genres. I think I know what I’m going to do with this, but you’ll have to check back next week to find out for yourself. :)




Author: Nikki B.

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