Sidelined Deadline

boredgirlYes, yes, I know. This post is supposed to be Skylar’s short story that was due today from the flash fiction challenge M threw my way last week. I had every intention of getting it done ahead of time, really. I even started writing it on Wednesday. But as usually happens with me, I got distracted by my other obsessions… er, interests.

Making Magic decks.

My absolutely fabulous and cray-cray choir.

The book “The Fifty Seven Lives of Alex Wayfare” that my other friend MG wrote that’s been sitting on my end table whispering, “Read me! Read me!”

Pinning items to my pottery and Supernatural boards on Pinterest.

You get the idea.

Fortunately, M and I have plans to write this Sunday and not only are we going to finish our flash fiction challenges, we’re going to do our Writer’s Block homework as well. Come Sunday evening, I’ll have two, count ’em TWO topics for posting and your reading pleasure.

Sometimes a sidelined deadline isn’t such a bad thing after all.


Author: Nikki B.

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