Tomorrow Camp NaNo 2014 Begins

2014-Participant-Vertical-BannerHello there! I know I’ve been off the radar for months as far as writing goes, but I haven’t been idle. Granted, the majority of what I’ve been doing is worldbuilding for my Shifters novel — I mean what’s a new fantasy world without a few maps of the topography and cities and such? — and reviewing the existing storyboards from November in anticipation of fleshing them out for some writing at a later date. I even went so far as to print out what I had written for NaNo and read through it. Wasn’t too shabby, considering the speed at which it had been written.

Then, this past Sunday I had lunch with my bestie to celebrate my belated birthday, during which I randomly and somewhat innocently asked, “So, are you doing Camp NaNo in April?” I was more curious than anything, and not necessarily looking for her to say, “Why yes, let’s do it together!” I should have guessed that by the end of our meal she was ready to do it, and I was like, wait, she wasn’t going to do it a minute ago, so what just happened!?

Beware your writer friends who are looking for motivation…and are more than willing to drag you along with them.

So, as of today, I have officially signed up to keep working on Shifters for Camp NaNoWriMo in April, to hit a word count goal of 25,000. Hopefully that’s doable in between choir rehearsals on Wednesday nights, two different Sundays of singing for both church services in addition to singing at the Good Friday service, five hours of class on Saturdays and my dad’s birthday on the 27th.


I guess tonight will be a final cram session of planning and storyboard review after the official birthday dinner with the parental units. Wish me luck; I think I’m going to need a whole bunch of it as I’ve had 24 hours to get used to the idea instead 24 days like I had back in November.


Author: Nikki B.

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