NaNo 2013 ~ Day 27

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and so far today I’ve watched a TV show marathon of “The Originals” on my DVR, made an incredible batch of chili that I ate for dinner with a lot of cheese and corn chips, and added another couple thousand words to my total. That last one? That’s the best one, because I was ahead of the game from yesterday. I zoomed even further ahead in just a couple of hours tonight so that if I don’t get to sit down with my laptop at all tomorrow, either before heading over to Mom’s, at Mom’s, or after getting home from Mom’s, I’ll still be right on track to win NaNo.

I keep being surprised at how cool that sounds. Me, winning NaNo.

I will in no way be done with my story when I hit 50,000 words; there’s still quite a bit of it ranging out before me. But after I take a short break to let my brain – and fingers – recharge, I am going to keep on writing. I might even make new goals for the months ahead. I’m quite sure my friend M, who won NaNo on Sunday, will be more than happy to help me with that. I can see us now, sitting in a booth having burgers at Moonie’s in our matching winner’s tees and coming up with a game plan.

So for all you other Wrimos out there, I have faith that we’ll all make our goals. Write on, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Author: Nikki B.

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