NaNo 2013 ~ Day 26

Cat on a lap
Cat on a lap

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As I sit here with a laptop on my lap and a kitty on my legs, it’s hard to forget that I’m on vacation. Last night, however, I nearly forgot that tonight is our neighborhood ecumenical (aka multi-faith) Thanksgiving service and my choir is singing. Not sure how I did that, unless I was fully embracing the idea of not having any commitments beyond that final push to 50,000 for NaNo and cooking up some potato soup and chili so I wouldn’t go hungry. In any case, it altered the original writing timetable I’d set for myself for today.

Originally, I’d thought today would be a non-writing day, you know, because of the service. Then my brain kicked in and said, “Hey, you have hours before you have to be at the church, you can totally get some words in!” My brain was right. I got over 2,100 words on the page, but only after muting the television so the only thing I could hear was the clicking of the keys as I typed.

I can now take a little break before getting ready to head out into the cold, COLD night and sing a little music. That light at the end of my NaNo tunnel is looking pretty darn bright. :)


Author: Nikki B.

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