NaNo 2013 ~ Day 18

writeblockIt’s 10:35 PM here in Austin, and I just finished three hours of writing. These writing after work days are exhausting, but I knew that going in. Still, I managed to not only hit the minimum once again but also nearly added on a full day’s worth of words to boot. That will help when Wednesday rolls around and I have work/dinner/choir rehearsal until 9 PM and I’m staring at my laptop and really not wanting to open it up.

Fortunately, I am planning for such a day, and next Tuesday and Thursday as well. See, I’m not only good at the writing thing, but the math as well. When I was digging my way out of my word count deficit I calculated that if I took off the three days I knew it would be tough to write, I would need to hit 2,400 words to still make it on November 30. Yes, okay, technically I needed another couple of hundred to night to make that number, but let’s be realistic. I’ve got a weekend to play catch up, and my holiday vacation starts on Monday, so I have plenty of time available to get my rear into gear.

No worries, WriMos. I’ve passed the 30,000 mark today and I can see that goal line in the distance, so I’m not about to give up just yet. With a little bit of extra sleep and some afternoon and late night marathons, I’m feeling confident I can hit that ultimate goal.

Who knows, this momentum could keep going on through December and into 2014 without stopping and I could finish the whole thing in one fell swoop. Wouldn’t that be something…


Author: Nikki B.

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