NaNo 2013 ~ Day 12

Hello, Wrimos. It’s Tuesday night, and I’ve just had another marathon writing session. It’s the second day in a row I’ve clocked in a word count over the daily target that will take me to the 50,000 goal, and yet I’m still behind. I’m half frustrated, and half glad.

Half frustrated because it took me twice as long to write the same amount of words that it normally does, all because I can’t seem to concentrate.

See, usually I can get away with having the television on in the background and simply ignoring it. This week, however, it seems to be working against me. I want to blame it on sitting in one spot for so long that my butt began to ache and became an annoyance, or that my kitty — whom I missed desperately while in the Mile High City — kept coming by for love and hugs and breaking my writing rhythm.

But the truth is, it’s all about the background noise not staying in the background. It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen that episode before or seen that movie so many times that I could probably repeat the dialog along with the actors. Once again I find myself watching the scene where Caskett turns to each other and announces, “I know who the killer is!” instead of seeing where my story is taking me. Later, more minutes pass by until I realize I’m watching for the fiftieth time the supervillian with presentation plummet to the earth and triumph over the non-super villain instead of concentrating on my scene that proceeds my much-announced hyena massacre.

Well, at least in that regard, I also know who the killer is, but I digress.

I mentioned that I was also half glad about my predicament. Truth is, I didn’t quit when I saw the word counter hit 1,667 but pushed on until the scene itself told me it was done and for the second day in a row I added over 2,400 words to my count total. That perseverance means I might just make up the deficit from Denver and then some. Granted, I may be staying up late tomorrow night in order to do it because of choir rehearsal, but it’s doable.

After all, you guys know my motto for NaNo 2013, right? Well, in case you forgot, here it is again. I. Will. Do. This!

Don't think, just write


Author: Nikki B.

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