NaNo 2013 ~ Day 7 (belated)

I love to travel. I don’t do it very much, but I do love to travel. So when I got the chance to tack on a couple extra days to a business trip, I took it. Now, I’ve never been out of town during NaNo before. Still, I’d intended to write on Tuesday night before I left, but a hockey thing with a gal pal and last-minute packing sort of messed with that plan. Then, a little fiasco of a missed turn took me on an unexpected tour of Westminster, CO and I got to my hotel a lot later than I anticipated on Wednesday. Plans foiled.

So much for staying ahead of the word count and getting done — and winning — early.

Wolves from a diarama at the DMNS; aka Fitz and Kaia
Gray wolves at the DMNS; aka Fitz and Kaia

Not to be deterred, I made Plan C. I would spend Thursday enjoying the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, a stop at a famous local bookstore called Tattered Cover, and a jaunt down the 16th Street Mall before returning to the hotel and cranking out words. I got to DMNS easily enough, and it was really cool, especially when I saw dioramas containing many of the animals from my story: gray wolf, grizzly bear, golden eagle. Although Kaia isn’t a gray wolf, when I saw the two wolves in the display I immediately thought of Fitx and Kaia (see photo). They were just what I envisioned they look like in their shifter forms, Fitz dark and Kaia mostly white with a little gray. I don’t know about you, but I don’t often get to see my characters leap off the page and show up in my real world to inspire me, especially if part of them is animal.

I snapped a few more photos, goggled at the dinosaurs, then headed out for the bookstore. Found it, loved it, bought a paperback and supported the indy store. It soon became apparent I needed to scrap the last part of the plan due to parking issues, so I opted to head home. Enter yet another navigational mistake — I really hate roads with multiple names so I can’t simply reverse the “to” instructions. Eventually, I got back to the hotel early enough in the afternoon that I managed to crank out a day’s word count in a couple of hours.

Three day missing word margin reduced to two.

I had some dinner, watched a bit of TV and decided to hit the story again. It was a good idea, as I added almost another 1300 to my total and I cracked the 10k mark. Feeling pretty good, I knew I might just be able to make up for lost time eventually. So I’m signing off for today to go to rack up some more words before heading out to watch the Avalanche play the Flames.

What? I love hockey and I’ll be back early enough for another writing session afterward, I swear! :)


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