NaNo 2013 ~ Day 4

Mondays are always tough. They’re the start of the work week and today was no exception. On top of that, I knew I had to multitask with loads of laundry and other menial things and getting in my word count.


My original plan was thwarted by cool dreary weather that made my office reminiscent of a walk-in freezer. By quitting time, I couldn’t stand the chill any longer and decided to head home early, braving rush hour traffic. I made decent time, and an hour later I was tossing in the first load and setting aside a couple of cross stitch projects for Mom who, for some unfathomable reason, loves to back stitch (I avoid it until absolutely necessary). Then it was time to get to NaNo work.

After yesterday’s round of fits and starts, today went much better. I knew how to start the scene, and I knew where it was going. I even knew what I wanted for my background noise: Ladyhawke in the DVD player; I found the perfect photo for this post thanks to NargilFlame on DeviantArt. The film seemed a good source of inspiration. Not only is it a great movie with love and romance and curses and Phillippe the Mouse, but it has Captain Nevarre who lives his nights as a wolf and his lady love Isabeau lives as a hawk by day. So I dropped it in the player and two hours later I had my scene written, I’d quoted a few lines that filtered through my writing session, and I was 2109 words further along.

The best part of today is I’m now thinking I might just be able to squeak out my word count tomorrow night after hanging with the Texas Stars and in between a bit of cleaning. Shiny.


Author: Nikki B.

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