NaNo 2013 ~ Shifter Days are Coming

Kaia Kyncaid
Kaia Kyncaid

Well, it’s that time again where I’m going full out with the prep work for National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. This year it’s going to be a little different than the last few in that I’m working on something completely new. The goal behind this idea is not to abandon the other work I’ve been chugging forward on for the last *mumble mumble* years (that would be ‘GBE’ for those of you in the know), but instead to win the competition. The plan: create a brand-new story with brand-new characters in a brand-new genre that shall allow me to reach that famous goal of 50,000 words in 30 days time.

So, how does one such as myself prepare for such an undertaking? Let’s take a look…

World-Builder Me is really wanting to draw out the new realm for the story. I am tightly reigning her in on that one. I want to let the world create itself as the story emerges and then build it from there. That means the faraway city to which my main character may travel could end up named after the coffee maker or clock in the corner of whichever write-in room I find myself, but hey, that’s what makes things interesting.

Organized Me created a new board over on Pinterest to hold any and all photos of things I thought would fit in this new fantasy world (click here to see the board). I’ve chosen who I want to be as my as-yet-unnamed heroine and I’ve also decided there will be shape-shifting going on. Thus this board has great scenery, possible characters, a great sword and big cats who will be the clans of shifters. The board also includes the photo of the lass above who is my heroine, pictured here along with her beloved steed, and the white tiger below I believe will be my heroine’s alternate form. I’m still up in the air on that one however, mainly because there are just too many beautiful big cats to choose from and I may end up choosing a different one based on the animal’s traits so I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how that plays out.

Planner Me has purchased a NaNo notebook for keeping track of word counts as well as any other little tidbits such as heroes journey charts, character archetypes, copies of the inspiration board photos with notes as to who they are and how they fit into the story and the heroine’s world. PM also snagged a nifty NaNo 2013 mug sporting the 8-Bit logo NaNoWriMo theme for this year for both myself and my WriMo buddy Meagan that will hold our caffeinated beverages of choice while we make our own write-ins at her local library because the official ones are out of our way and also during work or class hours for me. PM will also be downloading a trial version of a very popular writing software that I will try out during the month, and when I win — notice the word choice there — she can download the full version for 50% off. On Sunday the 20th, PM will start working on the basics of the story, things like my heroine’s name, other pivotal characters she will encounter, stages of her heroic journey and the bare bones of the plot.

Writing Me is working with the other Mes to get everything set up, letting ideas flow through her head to discard or ponder at will, eagerly and a bit anxiously waiting for the evening of November 1st to arrive when she can officially begin writing “Shifting at Midnight.”

Okay, yes, it’s kind of a hit-them-on-the-head title, but like the novel, anything can change at any time and very likely will. After all, it will be a book steeped in magic…


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