Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Well, this is quite the apropos weekly post, what with having posted just yesterday about resolutions in general. As it happens, I have a couple of photos representing items on my “to-dos” for 2013 — I’m calling them “to-dos” instead of resolutions in the hopes more of them will get accomplished because I’m really good with lists. If you’re curious about the whole list, I direct you once again to my related Pinterest board (oh, how I love that site!).

And now, for three of my “resolutions” in their colorful glory:

#14 — road trip to Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge (Tyler, TX)
#12 -- Finish My Novel!
#12 — Finish My Novel!
#2 -- finish a crafty projects in progress (I've now finished this section and started working on the top half!)
#2 — finish a crafty projects in progress (over the holidays I finished this section and I’m now working on the top half!)


Author: Nikki B.

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