What’s It Gonna Be for 2013?

thinkingYour new 2013 calendar has been hung and flipped to January. Your old 2012 calendar has been tossed in the recycle bin, or maybe saved for a scrap book because a couple of the Irish pub photos are really pretty cool, or it’s still on the wall because you need to refer to that week in December for a few more days. After that, there’s not much left to do but look back on how you did with your last year’s resolutions.

Me, I was somewhere between “meh” and *snort laugh.*

Last year, my writer bud MG posted a “12 in 12” list and suggested we do one with her. Since I thought that sounded like a grand idea, I made a list and posted it (click here to refresh your memories, like I did). Funny thing is, it wasn’t a hard list to accomplish. Some of them were even “one and done” types, and yet all but maybe one or two remain not crossed off, including the one I was unable to do because the related event was canceled and therefore out of play.

When it came time to create my 2013 list, I knew I’d have returning items as well as newbies. I started with my handy Pinterest board from last year, copying over the handful of items that were sticking around for another year — paying off credit card(s), cooking more, going to a hockey game… and the perennial favorite, Finishing My Novel. Then I added the new guys and when I was done, I shifted and sorted and checked out the sixteen items I now had on my list.

6/15 were renewed from last year.
4/15 are home improvement or decorating projects.
1/15 is planning next year’s trip to France (WOOT).
1/15 is a road trip to the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler, TX.
4/15 were ideas inspired by Pinterest.

Of course I’ve created another nice big to-do list for the upcoming year. Fortunately, even if I get to cross only one of them off, that’s still a fabulous accomplishment for a procrastinator like me. Here’s hoping the “good things jar” gets so full I have to clean it out and start over, and that the “five bucks” jar does the same! :)

PS ~ here’s my list in it’s pinned glory: http://pinterest.com/nixdesk/my-2013-to-do-board/

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