NNWM Day Three: Here We Go Again

Hi there, everyone! I’m writing to you now that I’m home from my first day of writing this NaNoWriMo season, and also following my first Saturday write-in with fellow WriMo and friend Meagan. It was the first time I’d put fingers to keyboard this month, and it didn’t go too badly. Not only did I actually write (that in itself is a huge win), but I didn’t stop until 3:59 PM, one minute before the end of the Cedar Park Library’s end time for our little social event. My diligence meant that I not only made the daily word count that will propel me to the end of this novel (even if I don’t hit 50k words in one month), but I also got in a few extra words to boot. Huzzah!

It felt good to have time devoted to just writing, and a large block of time at that. I think it helps me actually write something decent, and is much more productive than trying to sneak in a word or a sentence or a paragraph in between this break or that lunch. During those times it always seems like you get on a roll and just when you’re getting to the good part, you have to quit and pack up right in the middle of a thought. Today, I made it through to a great stopping point and even (I think) improved the way the story played out.

Now we’ll see how things go for tomorrow, and the rest of the month as well. It’s not just about the word count, although I do like to keep track of such things, but about getting one word/sentence/paragraph/page/chapter closer to finishing. That’s the real goal here, and I can almost see its light at the end of this tunnel.

Today’s word count: 1,960
Total NaNo 2012 word count: 1,960


Author: Nikki B.

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