Something NaNo This Way Comes… Inspiration, stat!

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been rather silent around the blog since July/August, when my second visit to Camp NaNoWriMo did a fairly impressive belly flop in the lake. Not to mention the start of school — I’m taking a 5-hour French class to begin my refresher courses in the language so when I head over there in 2014, I can converse with the locals without my dictionary in hand — and that seemed to kick off some other good things in my personal life as well. Yet with all of this goodness, that unfinished novel of mine is never far from my thoughts.

At the moment, I’m experiencing some technical difficulties that prevent me from working on the book as often as I want to. I’m hoping those will be resolved toute de suite, because wanting to write and not being able to is the second worse thing a writer can face. (The first being a case of writer’s block, in case you were wondering.) There are a couple of challenges I need to face with where the book is heading, but I think I’m in the right mindset to get them resolved successfully.

So, in the meantime while I work out my tech diffs and await November 1st, I thought I’d look for inspiration from one of my favorite places, my Pinterest boards. For those of you also planning to NaNo, hopefully you’ll find something inspiring as well! :)


My five writing-related Pinterest boards (also below) ~ click the image to see these or any of my 20 boards.
Images for my current WIP, “The Great Boyfriend Experiment;” including hero/heroine cast images, Kalispell MT locale photos, and the book cover.
Board for my next WIP, “Reminders;” includes hero/herone images, Austin TX locale photos, and the book cover.
Board for photos of people already cast as characters or could be the basis for a character.
Amazing spaces, places and landscapes that can only inspire marvelous settings.
Board for all things writer-inspiring ~ click to view the words of wisdom

See you guys in November!


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