Prepping for Camp, Take 2

Well, Camp NaNoWriMo, “an idyllic writers retreat, smack-dab in the middle of [my] crazy life,” begins again on Wednesday, August 1st. As those few of you who followed my progress in June know, the month got off to a pretty successful start (as all these NaNo projects usually do), then crashed and burned big within a few short days.

So why on earth would I go back to camp for a second round, especially with rehearsals for two different choirs and my five credit hour French refresher class about to ramp up in a big way? I came up with these answers, and I put them in pictorial format because it’s more interesting and memorable:

1. A little bit written is better than none at all.
2. I’m still excited about my story when someone new asks me to tell them about it.
3. I promised myself I wouldn’t work on my next project that takes place here in Austin until I finish this one, and I really want to write that book.
4. When I’m procrastinating, I keep picturing this reminder from the Avengers.
5. After all is said and done, writing is still really, really fun, and finishing my very first manuscript will feel like this!

So once more this summer I’ve packed the bug spray, stocked up on Twizzlers and Diet Coke, and gotten myself a whole new batch of campers as cabin-mates. I have no more planned or unplanned distractions like getting caught up in world building for a series that has 10 books ahead of it on the Grand Writing Plan schedule. I know I can find a way to work around work with the choir rehearsals and my French class’s lectures and homework and get those word count numbers spinning because I have in fact done it before.

I think what I need now is what Kate Winslet’s character Iris from the movie “The Holiday” needed, something slightly resembling…GUMPTION.



Author: Nikki B.

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